Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Emotional Blackmail

See that link in the side-bar? It’s already half-way through (Inter)National Delurking Week.

At the moment I am getting at least 300 hits a day. I know some of you, bless your dear kind hearts, are clicking over here repeatedly to check I haven’t crash-landed in Drama Territory again while you were having lunch, which is inflating the figure, but still, even before this blog got all exciting I was getting 100 or so hits a day. You can’t all be googlers looking for ‘pins stabbed in nuts’ and ‘damn hemophiliacs’.

And I know I have 61 followers on Google Reader. Hello, you guys! I love you to bits for liking my nonsense that much.

You know where I’m going with this. You’re all intelligent and lovely.


Oh, go on. I’m house-bound and bored and scared and daren’t hope for anything wonderful in case I burst into tears right now and then have to take it all back next Monday. Say hi. Help a girl out of her Slough of Despond. Distract me from the drivelling sludge of terror filling my hind-brain. Tell me about YOU, I’d really love to know a little about YOU, (and how/why/when you found me, if you’re feeling generous about fuelling my slightly whiny ego). I’ve even enabled completely anonymous comments for the rest of the week, so you can carry on lurking really. Just, you know, rustle or something.

And a glorious 2010 to you all, whether you delurk or not. I love you either way.