Daily Archives: January 24, 2010

The Positive Thinking Fairy and Bitter McTwisted go baking

I mentioned, in my last post, that today I would be bigging up some more of my exceedingly cool friends. And so I shall. Because, seriously, the sheer overwhelming coolness of my friends makes me feel quite giddy.

I met Ben and her lovely husband back in the days when they were still Ben and her lovely ‘it’s complicated’. I met them on the internet. In, I think, 2004? Golly, you guys. Six years! I knew I owed you both dinner and a drink and stuff, but I think I also now owe you some kind of award for longevity. I met my Friend Who Knows Who She Is at about the same time, or, at any rate, on the same site, and she called me nearly every day while we were on exploding tube watch. And, as she is a funny, funny lady, cheered me up immensely whenever she did so. And I owe her and her family dinner as well (hey, Sol, tell B we now have a Wii Fit! He can practice ski-jumping this time!).

Therefore, as far as I am concerned, the internet is the best place to make friends. I was proved right yet again in May 2008. I was having my first miscarriage [pause while we all contemplate what a depressing phrase ‘having my first miscarriage’ is] when I first came across the astonishingly funny and adorable Hairy Farmer Family. It says a lot about just how funny HFF is that I promptly, despite own agony of mind, hurled myself into her (then, alas, all-too-short) back-log bellowing ‘nomnomnomMOAR FUNNIEZ’. But wait! HFF promptly commented back! And proved herself sweet and kindly as well as hilarious. Within weeks, I was all, ‘this is my long-lost twin sister and soul-mate and general all-around person I want to have a drink with’.

And then I contrived to invade her house and eat her cakes.

On Friday, proving that a year-and-three-quarters have taught her everything she ever needs to know about The Way To May’s Heart, she came all the way down to the Great Wen to have lunch with me.

And, because she is witty, and kind, and knows what The Bad Sad Place is like (and really, Universe? Someone as sweet and kind as the Hairy Farmer Wifey should know the Bad Sad Place? Universe, you suck), and because she is, as I mentioned, very much a girl after my own heart, she made me eat my own words:

(I did save some for H. I am so good to that man).

(Um, yes, I had already eaten one by the time H took the photo. I am human, you know).