Well, I have no idea at all how to gracefully get off this high horse I have vaulted onto, so I shall just trot behind this hedge and err, fall off with a resounding crash.

Nothing to see here! I’m not limping!

Hello! I like chocolate! And daffodils! Sunshine is nice! I want a kitten!

Hunting for a flat or wee housie in this very big and massively overpriced city is bringing me out in hives, though. Hives! I can live in a place with, um, room in its rooms about seven hours’ commute from work, or I can live in a biscuit-tin about an hour from work. No, I can’t live closer to work, I haven’t robbed a bank recently. Oy vey.

And you can’t fit a kitten in a biscuit tin.

23 responses to “Kittens

  • bionicbrooklynite

    First of all:

    Furthermore: how am I supposed to know what to say to this post if you won’t tell me whether you are imagining a calico or a ginger tom? Have some consideration.

  • May

    You can’t ask me what colour my imaginary cat is! Have some respect!

    (Brown tabby. Like the kitty I had when I was growing up).

  • Moira

    You can!!! Your kitty will squeeze into any little corner 🙂

    I think a biscuit tin with a kitty filled corner could be cosy!

    More daffodils, stat!

  • F. U. Velociraptor (@fuvelociraptor)

    About 15 years ago, I lived in a shared converted Georgian biscuit tin in Bloomsbury. I was in school and had no idea of the actual cost of said tin. When I considered moving back a few years ago, the rental on similarly situated biscuit tins was more than my salary.

  • a

    Maybe you can find a place with a resident kitten? Oooh – or you should get a cat for your library. It’s apparently quite the thing to do. (I know, it’s unlikely that it would be allowed.)

    Commuting is not so bad if you can use public transportation and read or knit or stare at people…

  • Betttina

    (I’m trying to be cute and supportive) You can move in with me! Uhhh, if you want to move to the Midwest, USA. We have six cats and a spare room!

    Best of luck finding a decent, comfy home with room for kittens and dreams. You are continually in my prayers.

  • AmyP

    No, no, move in with me! We’ve a dog that acts like a cat, and chickens!

    OK, so I’m 2 timezones farther from your work than Betttina is, but that doesn’t matter much, does it?

    • Betttina

      Or, OR, we could all share Miss May. You get her for a season, I’ll enjoy her for a season, we’ll play nice and share. Imagine the blogging tales she would have! “These crazy people are all fighting over me and want me to stay longer…”


  • Persnickety

    I can’t help on the house hunt. But the cat factor

    This might provide some cat time

  • starrhillgirl

    You can’t have just one kitten! There have to be two! Who are we kidding here?!
    Also, two kittens fit easily in a biscuit tin. If by biscuit you mean cookie.
    You don’t want to live with me. There are 4 cats. And my tiny roommate’s gf is threatening another. That’s 5. Stick with your two in a biscuit aka cookie tin.

  • Sara

    I have no experience with velociraptors, or dinosaurs of any kind, or finding London housing, but I DO have experience with having a cat in a very tiny apartment. If you can find one that has tall ceilings, and then loft your bed (and arrange it so that you can get from the bed to the top of the book cases), you’ve suddenly doubled the amount of space your cat has. For three years I lived in essentially a one room study, and my (albeit relatively small) cat was perfectly happy there.

  • Valery

    this is what i found on brown tabby kittens cookie tin:×1000.jpg

    And the lady Dinah cat cafe opens tomorrow! they still have an opening for Lunch. AND serve glutenfree food.
    And in 2001 I lived around the corner!
    So umm, we could almost go for tea.
    I’ll just imagine the metro/train/ferry/train not being in the way.

  • Mina

    Having had cats my entire life, I can honestly say that the space they have at their disposal is less important than the time and amount of yourself you are willing to offer them. Tin-sized flats are suitable, if cats are allowed, so don’t let that be an obstacle. Bestest of good luck finding something! Overpriced cities are overwhelming.

  • wombattwo

    Reading, and proffering my hand, and shoulder if needed. Also my gluten-free baking skills.
    Thinking of you.

  • Melissa

    I’ve a room for you, but I daresay the commute is longer even than seven hours! I also have four cats to keep you company! But I think you’d like to stay in Britain, not move to the States…I could send you a cat?

  • Anonymous

    These kitties don’t look like they’d be much trouble at all in a biscuit tin — some of them knit, drink tea. Right up your alley(cat).

    Cute little doggie snuck in there too, apparently. Maybe it’s one of those dogs who thinks it’s a cat,perhaps?

  • chickenpig

    I too would offer you a room if you were in NEW England. I have one cat, but there is definitely room for a kitten or two. There are five bedrooms here, and only three of them are occupied by human beings. The fact that you are going through this in one of the most expensive places to live in the world is just so much sucketage.

    I just wish I could help you in some way. Words seem such a pathetic substitute for anything useful or helpful. I am not a religious person, but I am ‘praying’ for you (in my fashion) that you are able to find a cute little place not too far from work in your price range.

  • twangy

    No high horse, it had to be said.

    I like the idea of the lofty ceiling. With vast amounts of shelving so you can sit up there in the excellent company of books and your cat.

  • barrenbetty

    A cat can totally fit in a biscuit tin flat. It might scratch all your furniture into a trillion pieces, but it would do that in a flat or a mansion. We lived in flat in (I suspect) the same very big city and the people above us had two of those massive horse dog things.

    I hate how hard things are being for you May. Really fricking hate.

  • minichessemouse

    Oh may! Come live here. I’m sure you could fly Glasgow to London in less than7 hours. We have a spare room (alas no cat *yet*) o

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