Hello, hi, well… um. Hi.

There comes a time when chunks of the brain just shut down in the face of Too Much To Process. There’s the part that is ordering you to grieve (‘Go on then, cry. Feel awful. Cry, damn you! You lost a baby, didn’t you?’) and the part that will not go there (‘But it feels awful! I don’t want to! And there are endless CSI reruns to watch instead!’), and the part that is still being struck amidships by the whole ‘and then I nearly died’ thing, and the part that has decided the whole business is ridiculous and we should just get three cats and an Alpha Romeo Spider, and the part that is nevertheless planning a FET in January.

And – how could I forget? – the part that was dealing with H’s looming redundancy, and thereby putting on a cheerful face of unconcern and trust in a)H’s general excellence and b) the benevolence of the future [Based on what, you absolute lunatic? — Bitter McTwisted]. In the event, H was not made redundant. It was only when he came home at the end of last week announcing he was transferring departments merely, and not being slung out on his ear by Christmas, that I realised just how bloody anxious and, frankly, angry I’d been about the whole thing; and how ready I’d been to march in there and punch H’s various bosses in the collective groin for doing this to him all over again (we had a major redundancy scare a couple of years ago as well, you see).

Which was not helped by the part that has just been told that the rent is going up 20%. Which is all very well, as it hasn’t gone up for several years and the landlord just noticed that every other comparable property in the area costs many many lots. And not at all very well, as H’s pay has been frozen for the past five years and I earn somewhere between diddly and squat. (OK, yes, as a perk I get to be ill for two months solid and not get fired. So there’s that).

We may be moving house next year.


So, yes, a lot of Being Very Anxious While Quietly Watching Far Too Much Daytime Television was going on.

And that is why I was not writing. I did not want to sit down and look any of it in the eye. For similar reasons, I was staying away from blogs. I did not want to read another word about loss, or pregnancy, or fertility treatments, or adorable children. It was all anxiety-inducing, good news or bad, happy or sad, reminding me of what I had been through and what I had lost alternately, and I decided that actually I was well within my rights to pull the metaphorical duvet over my head and pretend to be a Scotch Egg for as long as I cared to.

By anxiety-inducing, I don’t suppose I need to explain myself to anyone who has ever suffered badly from an anxiety disorder, but to the rest of you I need to say, no. Worse than that. Much worse. It’s like poisoned.

So. I am now bored of being a Scotch Egg. Hello!

And how am I? Let me count the ways:

Item – I went back to work on a part-time basis last week. It is exhausting. I spend a lot of time, by-and-large, being tired, what with the chronic pain issues and occasional bouts of anaemia, but this is something else. I used to be tired, but I could still trot up three flights of stairs or walk two miles across the centre of town without getting out of breath. Now? Nope. Can’t walk for ten minutes without my stupid DVT-affected leg beginning to ache. I go up three flights of stairs slowly, puffing ‘I… think… I… can… I… think… I… can…’. Work is not the problem – I am on ‘limited’ duties and therefore don’t have to do anything particularly strenuous just yet. Commuting is the problem. Commuting is a fetid pile of dingo’s kidneys.

Item – Speaking of chronic pain issues, let me tell you about my new best friend in the entire Universe: Cerazette. This is a progesterone-only pill which prevents ovulation as well as thinning the uterine lining. Some women don’t care for it at all, but, Gentle Readers, I love this pill. Yes, OK, I started spotting after two weeks, and then near the end of the first packet I started bleeding and carried on doing so for two weeks solid. But it was light bleeding. Bleeding containable with regular tampons. And there were, get this, there were no cramps. I was not in pain. Not. In. Pain. I am not in pain. Cute Ute is perfectly comfortable, my bowels are regular and cheerful, and Satsuma is quiet as a wee mousie. [Ticker-tape parade, marching bands, majorettes, and a 24-gun salute].

Item – Meanwhile, after six weeks, my haematologist lowered the dose of Fragmin (these is a kind of low-weight-molecular-Heparin) I am on. I will be spending six weeks on the lower dose, and then we will double-check the clot behind my left knee has gone, and then I can stop injecting myself every evening. My belly is covered in bruises. I thought for a while there I’d found a way to prevent the bruising (as soon as you remove the needle from your flesh, press down hard on the injection site for 30 seconds with your thumb. Do not rub) but it doesn’t always work, alas. And the worst bruises leave hard lumps under the skin which are showing no inclination to go away at all. Heigh ho, fuck and alas.

Item – I do not like my compression socks. They seem a tad loose in the ankle, and they are frankly gigantic in the foot (‘Oh, just tuck it under!’ said the twatwhistle nurse who fitted them for me. This being the same nurse who wanted to know when I was due, and when I, my eyes filling with tears,said I’d actually lost the baby in August, proceeded seamlessly into her ‘Losing Weight Is Good For You!’ perky lecture). The thing is, I have stocky peasant calves and dainty little princess ankles, and I am not a 70-year-old varicose-vein sufferer. Yet. So. Point of socks, to prevent me becoming a 70-year-old varicose-vein sufferer. Onwards.

Item – Mental state: very anxious, insomniac, and sad. I see a therapist on Thursday, courtesy of the NHS. Our local hospital has a counselling service attached to the gynaecology and obstetrics wards, and I ever so qualify for its attentions, according to my GP, who insisted on referring me. Given that my attempts to find a private counsellor ended in a big fat blank because the people I contacted never got back to me, I’m taking it. Not that that stopped the counsellor having to cancel on me once because of ‘bureaucracy’, but she had warned me she might have to, and then called at once to apologise profusely and have a bit of a chat right there and then just to see how I was. (Note to self: stop being polite and cheerful to counsellors. Not helpful).

21 responses to “Hello, hi, well… um. Hi.

  • starrhillgirl

    May! Hello!
    I vote for more cats plus fancy fast car plus FET! All of the above!
    So happy to see you.

  • Bionic

    Cheese and rice, I had somehow missed that those nurses were the same nurse. Are you sure it wasn’t some kind of hidden camera cruelty show? I am…at a loss.

    I am glad to have you back here. I have missed you, though I also think some scotch egg time can be good for a person. I’m not blogging about my own Adventures In Therapy, but yes to the cheerful part from me. Plus jokes. WTF I think that’s for, I have no idea.

    In closing, three hundred cheers for Ceasarette, or whatever that pill is. No pain! You know what they say: no pain, no pain. I am in favor. Xo

  • sheila

    Welcome back lovely May – we’ve missed you.

  • Jo

    Of course you needed a break! But it’s nice to see you again. Sending love.

  • Persnickety

    Welcome back!
    And compression stockings are terrible things. As are anti blood clotting medications that must be injected.

    That nurse needs to be put in the same room as the DR who told me I was miscarrying due to my being “old”. they need intensive re-education on how to talk to patients

  • Melissa

    Anyone would need a bit of a vacation from all things after all of this! We’re just so glad to hear from you!

  • newtoivf

    Glad the pain is not so bad. Welcome back from the world of scotch egginess!

  • lifewithgusto

    I’m glad you’re back. It’s nice to read your voice again.

  • Betttina

    It is so good to hear from you!

    I am so glad H got to keep his job. One less stressor!

    That prog-only pill sounds AMAZING.

  • Dr Spouse

    Given the location and therefore probable size of your flat, I vote chihuahua (or I would if I could spell it).
    V pleased about H’s job. And I quite liked Cerazette too, though I never had even a millionth of your reason to like it.

  • Lilian

    Glad to see you back, I’ve been thinking about you. Cerazette is lovely. Good news about H’s job, and also glad your GP has referred you to the counsellor. Hope you remembered not to be too polite!

  • Korechronicles

    Glad you’ve found your way back here. And that there are some tiny bright spots in the darkness.

  • Betty M

    Agreeing with everyone else that its lovely to have you back. And please not a scotch egg they are totally revolting!

  • chickenpig

    I’m so glad to hear that you have found some uterine relief. Yeah Cezarette! You are so incredibly brave. I’ll be holding my breath with you come January. All the luck in the world!!!!!

  • Twangy

    (Ooh, WordPress is in a mood. Apologies for possible duplicate comments).

    Hi, May! Good to hear from you – always here as and when the scotch egg no longer applies. Cerazette is music to my ears. I must buy shares in it!

    I hope the counselling was helpful. And I send you much luck and good thoughts. xx

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