Daily Archives: August 28, 2013

Very quick update (unlike hospital waiting times endured today)

As seems an unfortunate tradition I get to do the WTF o’clock updates having left May in hospital.

A brief factual timeline of our day since May’s post:

11:50 – I ordered taxi, thinking it would take about 20-30 minutes – it took 4 minutes catching us completely off-guard. Alas the last efficiently timed encounter we had.

12:10 – arrive at A&E

14:35 – seen by triage handed over referral letter, they took details ordered a blood test with some skepticism saying that it was probably just a baker’s cyst.

14:45 – blood taken and we were told we could go and get ourselves some lunch as blood result would take about an hour, so we did at the fairly pleasant M&S café on site.

15:45 – back for results and there was elevated fibrous material, so told to go and get a scan, meaning a painful walk back across to the other side of the hospital, feeling too British to ask for a wheelchair when there were people in various states of decrepitude being wheeled past in chairs and trolleys.

16:15 – scan showed there was a clot behind May’s left knee

16:30 – transferred to Clinical Decision Unit (CDU), which we had endless and repeated opportunity to observe as the A&E dumping ground for anyone threatening to take over the 4 hour ‘breach’ time before being admitted properly or patched up and sent on their way.

16:45 – on admission vitals were taken and some concern expressed about May’s high tapping rate, so an ECG plugged in that showed some strain on the heart… oxygen SATs were still good though, so no panic. By the time the Dr had reviewed the  DVT diagnoses and ECG and seen us May was getting quite breathless giving her potted version of recent shenanigans for about the fifth time that day. Dr suggested chest X-Ray and CT scan to check for clots elsewhere.

17:30ish – chest X-Ray, not told the result so returned to CDU

Then we waited – and waited  – and waited… CT had huge rush of emergencies apparently.

About 21:00 May finally got to go in the CT scanner – a very strange experience, which she will have to relay personally.

Then we waited – and waited – and waited…

I think we finally got confirmation that CT scan showed a (couple of?) small clot(s?) on the lungs too at about 23:00 – we were told therefore despite the acute lack of beds – endless shuffling, hassling and shifting of beds we witnessed being discussed – that May would be kept in overnight.

At 00:30 a CDU bed slot became available so that was made up for a temporary spot for May to get some sleep… yes, we had been in a ‘chair’ slot up until that point.

I made my way home to grab a bite to eat, email work, and post this… and now to bed for me too, perchance to sleep.