You’ll never guess what now

Item – Pain and bleeding still very unsatisfactory.

Item – Weeping with exhaustion is totally a thing that I am embracing with every fibre of my tortured being.

Item – Leg cramps still awful, crippling, etc.

Item – So we went to GP, who was disgruntled by leg cramps and insisted I go to Local Hospital for Doppler and ultrasound to rule out DVT. Oh, what the actual FUCK, Universe? Risk factors: pregnancy, immobility, sticky blood syndromes, coming OFF Clexane, fat arse. Shoot me now.

Item – On plus side, GP will deal with maternity services cancelling. And gave me a prescription for Co-Codamol, just to mix things up a little.

Item – Re: previous whine about people ignoring me and my piteous plight, if you’ve texted, commented, emailed, twittered, DM’d, phoned, written or FB’d me in the past fortnight, I did not, do not, mean you. At all. I am thinking of a couple of friends and specific family members in absolute particular, and both honour and honesty compel me to admit that I am not handling the situation fairly or gracefully and a Rethink Is In Order. I’d delete that paragraph in that last post if you-all hadn’t read it already. Onwards!

Item – I am writing this while H sorts things out at work so he can take the afternoon off and manhandle his limping, wilting, sagging, wailing, snivelling wife down to the Local Hospital so she can Alarm and Distress him with greater convenience to all parties.

Item – I fucking hate my life right now. Hate hate hate. Hate hate. Hate.


17 responses to “You’ll never guess what now

  • Valery Valentina

    fat arse, is that a risk factor or a curse? or both?
    and seriously, people expect you to handle RPLx10 gracefully?!?
    While I might not know the right things to say, I do think that is asking too much. X 10.

    I don’t know if hotmail thinks my email is spam or that I write the wrong things, but I do try to write. Also because my browser and or wordpress don’t think I should comment here very often.

    Please no DVT, please something that goes away by , say, alcoholic beverages.
    Thinking of you still

  • Jenny F. Scientist, PhD

    Errrrrrrr. Well, I hope it’s something faintly ridiculous and not as alarming, like you’re low on some ion or other (salt? calcium?) and not something serious and very distressing like a DVT. Because clearly what you need now is MORE distress.

  • Jen

    Oh, hoping for no DVT. I think you have your lifetime max of woe already.

  • Melissa

    Oh for the love of….and agree with Jen^ enough picking on May, universe!

    • Elissa

      Argree, Universe, I think you need another punching bag this week. May has clearly had quite enough!
      Thinking no DVT thoughts! x

  • Robyn

    Made my thoughts on your possible DVT elsewhere so I shall quietly amuse myself over here by punching the living suitcase out of the bloody bastard universe.

  • nonsequiturchica

    You certainly don’t need DVT after everything that you have been through. I hope that everything gets better soon.

  • waterbelle44

    Oh god. Please let this not be a DVT. Thinking of you a lot.

  • barrenbetty

    Oh for fuck’s sake universe.. LEAVE MAY ALONE. DVT? Really? A bit more hospital time? Just what you need right now. I’m not sure this will make you feel better, but my best friend of 17 years and bridesmaid has ignored me for the last 6 months since I admitted I was infertile and gave her the gory breakdown. I get the impression some people think they can catch it off me. I really hope it isn’t DVT and that you feel better soon x

  • sheila

    Ah come on now world, would you ever give the good May a break. Hope the hospital trip has gone ok and that you’re at home taking it easy now.

  • KeAnne

    Oh geez. Come on, universe. Go pick on someone else.

  • MFA Mama

    Just saw H’s tweet–to anyone not on the Twitter, May now has a confirmed DVT and shortness of breath; awaiting a CT scan at the hospital. Am terrified it’s PE but trying not to overreact. Oh, May, I am so sorry.

  • starrhillgirl

    Well, fuck.
    I had touching yet cheesy things to say (that wouldn’t make you feel at all better, but would still sound wise), but now I haven’t got shit.
    Get well, May. Get well, stay well. xo

  • Belle

    May, I enjoy a gripping blog as much as the next girl, but I do wish you’d stop being So Very Interesting. For your sake as well as mine. My poor refresh finger is going numb waiting for H to update his Twitter.

    Perhaps when you feel better [physically] you could let your mother take you somewhere lovely and relaxing and then forbid her from making any comment not on a pre-screened list of appropriate sentiments. Yes, I KNOW, but a girl can dream.

  • a

    Ack! This sounds serious. Hope you are well soon…

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