Not much to see (outlook negative)

Scan: gestational sac and yolk sac but nothing else, no sign of foetal pole, let alone heartbeat.

Scanning nurse thought she could see where bleed came from, very close, but below implantation. Re-emphasised not necessarily a bad thing… Then May started bleeding…

We were ushered to a small, airless room while a report was collated and doctor found to have chat with us. A few minutes later a new to us doctor was confirming to us, what we were beginning to suspect, that chances were slim and we should have another scan next week.

On the way out May needed the loo and there she passed a massive clot. I ran off to find the doctor again and she said that doesn’t change anything, still worth having scan next week to “check everything has gone”.

A mercifully quick bus ride home. Punctuated, of course, by toddlers wailing. We held each other tight.

Now we are home again. Anger, numbness, sadness and incomprehension.

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