Satsuma’s Revenge

We can’t not have a little melodrama around here, Gentle Readers.

So, we transferred one absolutely perfect embryo on Thursday – a Day 6 transfer, because of the testing. Friday, I felt fine. H and I went to see the GP in the morning, to see if i could get the next 12 weeks-worth of medication on the NHS should it become necessary, and could i be dealt with by the high-risk obstetrics team rather than the midwives? answers yes and yes, and the GP was ever so sweet and concerned, which made me feel weepy. I took a short walk to the town centre to do a couple of errands, and then mostly lounged about. Saturday, I felt fine. H and I went on an outing to the great big botanical gardens and wandered through the trees and flower beds in the pleasingly slightly-cooler weather, eating ice-cream.

Sunday, therefore, I woke up at about six in the morning, feeling sick. The nausea faded a fair bit after a cup of tea and a few spoons of yoghurt, so we decided to stick with our original plan and go out for breakfast. By the time we’d walked the 20 minutes to our favourite purveyor of stonking great breakfasts, I was feeling sick again, bizarrely short of breath, pale, and sweating profusely (I don’t sweat profusely. I just get sticky). I only managed about four or five mouthfuls, handed my plate over to H, and sat sipping my ginger tea in increasing discomfort, yawning and gasping for air. We decided that I should get the bus straight home.

After lying down and drinking a bottle of Gatorade, I felt distinctly better, but disgustingly bloated. So I weighed myself. Holy hell, I’d put on seven whole pounds since the beginning of the IVF cycle. Huh. And standing up was making me pant and yawn again, so I went back to bed.

By evening I felt awful. Satsuma, weird bloody gonad, was fine, merely twingeing dully every now and then. But the rest of me? I had pains in my back, stomach, chest and ribs, could only breathe (relatively) normally lying on my right side, felt sick, had heartburn, and could not force myself to drink without gagging and retching. All the drinks just… sat in my stomach, sloshing about and adding to the unpleasant sensations of pressure.

H (poor H. What was the one thing that freaked him out about IVF? Me getting OHSS) eventually called Riverside’s emergency number and spoke to a nurse who agreed it did sound very like OHSS and gave him a list of serious danger signs (vomiting, dizziness, severe pain, stopping peeing, very dark pee) at which point to take me to a hospital. If I still felt that uncomfortable in the morning, call the clinic and get seen then.

The night was not good. I got very little sleep and could not get comfortable. Eventually, I managed to start taking sips at five-to-ten minute intervals from the Gatorade bottle without retching, and by 7am managed half a cup of tea. After a bit, my bladder announced she was functioning just dandy-oh, thank you, and then I drank some more, ate a little yoghurt so I could force down the Metformin and Prednisolone, and then a couple of paracetamol to deal with the persistent back and rib pain. I even had pain in my shoulder, like the referred pain after abdominal surgery. Gah. Gah, I say, also bah and pah. I had however deflated noticeably – I weighed myself again and had lost five pounds overnight.

I’m not feeling too bad at the moment. Apart from the psychological trauma of having to explain OHSS to my boss, with reference as to why I wasn’t coming into work (‘It’s not an ‘implant’, it’s a transfer. And now I am going to say “leaking ovaries”. Leaking ovaries! So there!’).

Oh, And Dr Google insisting cheerfully that developing OHSS post-transfer can be a sign that… you know… because OHSS is brought on by HCG, and now the HCG trigger is out of a lass’s system, where else would she get more from? Bugger Dr Google anyway.


24 responses to “Satsuma’s Revenge

  • Betty M

    That sounds uncomfortable. Did you go to the clinic again? When do they boot you back into the regular system?

  • starrhillgirl

    UGH. I think I had OHSS, of the mild, mild, mild sort, with my first IVF and it bit. So sorry.
    (But, um, tiny yay! Maybe?)

  • Korechronicles

    Erk. A tiny bit of good news amongst the mostly bad. Boo to Bad OHSS and Yay for Possible Good-ish HCG. Back ligaments are improving so am now able to cross a lot, lot more pieces of myself on your behalf. The holding my breath thing is getting harder though.

  • Emily Erin

    Blech– OHSS is the devil. I do hope that the potential silver lining shows itself to be very silver in a few weeks? Sending good thoughts.

  • Melissa

    Sounds awful! I’m glad you’re feeling a little better and I hope your body behaves itself from now on. Continued prayers!

  • Anonymous

    I can see the magazine headlines now: “LOSE FIVE POUNDS OVERNIGHT (with expensive, painful, and painstaking fertility treatment side-effect)”.

    Heh. Sincerely glad the OHSS seems to have resolved and that you are feeling better. Fingers also firmly crossed for…um… the other thing.

  • Jo

    I’ve read the same, that OHSS is a good sign. Now, I’m going to do the math here: Day 6 on Thursday means Day 10 today. You know, a pee stick might have some delicious news to share by now. Just sayin’….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everything crossed for you.

  • Twangy

    ..sounds HORRIBLE. YOU POOR WOMAN. AND, poor H. Yikes – me nerves are gone.

    Seven pounds of fluid is crazy cakes. Glad you are on the mend now. Lie back and – ehh – how to say? Re-equilibrate.

  • Chickenpig

    Do not drink tea!!! Do not drink water!!! Gatorade and V8 only..and eat meat. If you are pregnant the OHSS will get worse before it gets better…no water or caffeine!!!! I have managed to knock back my mild OHSS both times I had it this way. As bad as it feels, it is promising. As long as you keep peeing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amy

    I hope all the discomfort will be well worth it soon, but may it stay at manageable levels. Sounds very promising, if totally unpleasant!

  • Mina

    My word, honestly, it is like you are ticking a general list of all-that-could-possibly-go-wrong-without-being-ALLBAD- yet-annoying-as-fuck. Who would have thought that one could be glad there is only one Satsuma, otherwise two of them buggers would have surely landed you straight into hospital. It will be interesting to see whatever the world could come up during a pregnancy. Acne? Sunburn-like patch on your bum? Curly hairs? Claw-shaped rapidly-growing nails? Come ON, suprise us! I dare you!

  • bionicbrooklynite

    Oh, poor you! While I second the advice to stick to Gatorade (and my clinic held me to 1.5 liters a day) I do want to throw in that my OHSS did Not get worse or recur once it began to improve, even though I did get pregnant and my hcg therefore continued to rise. I was frightened because I had gotten pretty sick and thought I was therefore bound to get even sicker and have to have giant needles drain me lest I suffocate and so on, but that is not what happened. I peed 10 pounds out in one night, and from there I continued to improve. May the pattern hold for you (including the take-home-baby part). Xo or maybe just very gentle X’s, since an o might be too snug at the moment.

  • Amy P

    Satsuma, you’re going to force me to take up nailbiting, aren’t you? Behave! Behave, and you can relax and not ripen anything for at least a year, year-and-a-half without anyone bringing out whips or anything.

  • Blanche

    Dr. Google deserves a right buggering. And so does every news person who has used implant instead of transfer in an IVF story. Actually, so does the person/people who described it as such to the news people.

    Sorry. Off topic.

    Best of wishes for continued deflation and reduction of OHSS symptoms. Are you scheduled for a beta in the nearish future?

  • MFA Mama

    That sounds thoroughly miserable. I’m glad you’re feeling better, because I was thinking by halfway through that you’d get around to saying you were writing from the hospital…I’ve never had OHSS, but did have a strange reaction to a medication one time wherein I gained THIRTY FUCKING POUNDS overnight, and developed mild congestive heart failure, and it felt a lot like what you are describing. My doctor at the time did not believe me, because who gains THIRTY POUNDS overnight? I had to put on maternity clothes (while un-pregnant) and drag myself into his office and step on his scale, at which point he said “Oh. I guess you weren’t kidding.” Arse. So you absolutely have my sympathies! Please do go in and see someone if you start have trouble breathing again, because you, like me, seem like the type to go big or go home when it comes to Things Medical and I worry. xo

  • Sheila

    Sounds very ouchy…. I had the shoulder reference pain after my last c section – you could have peeled me off the ceiling with it, so you have my heartfelt sympathy. Mine turned out to be caused by trapped wind from the surgery combined with an incorrectly inserted catheter (oh, the glamour) – loads of peppermint oil (colpermin) in warm water sorted out the trapped wind and shoulder reference pain. It took two attempts to sort out the catheter though…..

    Hope you feel better soon May.

  • conceptionallychallenged

    Oh no, this sounds awful. I do hope it’s a good sign. And that you can get away without getting worse.

  • a

    Well, if there’s no drama, it can’t possibly be happening to you, right? Here’s hoping Dr. Google is providing useful and true information. Keep going with the gatorade.

    (I got so swollen after my c-section that it felt like the skin on my legs was going to split. It was not pleasant.)

  • jjiraffe

    Oh, Satsuma. We should have known she’d do something.

    Yep, all the evidence points to OHSS being a “good” sign. I hope you feel more comfortable soon…

  • Anonymous

    Owwwww…. you have my sympathies. That OHSS is a bitch. Really hope you’re feeling better now and that the next few days bring v exciting news for you both. Take care xx.

  • Anonymous

    Rooting for OHSS to calm down and for good news…

    K x

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