Transit lounge pot-pourri

Item – I had an anecdote for you! Here it is: While I was talking to the nurse yesterday morning, the subject of H came up. We established that he could stay with me all day if he liked, or do his *cough* his role and then go to work and come back for me later, and that he was in, ah, uh, a ‘perfect state of readiness’ for Friday. ‘And we have wifi,’ said the nurse brightly, ‘so he can bring in a laptop or iPad…’ *pause* … *longer pause* … *oh dear God, when will this pause ever end* ‘So he can work! While he waits! Check his email!’ And I started giggling helplessly, so she tactfully left me to it while she fetched me a fresh sharps container. I am very mature.

Item – The trigger shot of Ovitrelle was sub-cutaneous, and very much not a big deal at all, which was not quite disappointing, as such, but up until I stuck the needle in, H had been cheerfully remarking that ‘this is the starting pistol!’ and yeah, that thought? Not soothing. At all.

Item – Also not a soothing thought: ‘Why the fuck are we doing this? It’s not going to work. It’s so expensive. What if something goes wrong? Why can’t I be happy childless? Many people are happy childless. Why not me? This is insane. I have stabbed myself with a needle dozens of times in the past fortnight. I could’ve gone to the opera and a fancy restaurant every night this week instead and staid in pocket. Oh my God shut up, May.’

Item – It now actually feels weird to not be doing any injections tonight.

Item – I took Satsuma and her probably-18 protegees to work today, to finish off all the projects I had outstanding or at least hand them over neatly annotated. And, while I now go ‘ooof’ every time I bend over, because Satsuma is taking up a weirdly disproportionate amount of room (as well as trying to get as far away from Cute Ute as humanely possible), to be honest, that ovary has made more fuss when growing the one bloody egg. And Cute Ute the Despoiler herself is not hurting me that much either. Normally I am in serious pain from about day eight to day twenty-one of each cycle. Hopped up on fertility meds? I had about three or four actually sore days, and since then the odd twinge or stabby pain, and Sats aches a bit. It’s weird. It’s actually a little freaky. I was expecting to be floored by it all. Is this the Prednisolone? It is, isn’t it? I am not inflamed.

Item – Can’t do my sodding jeans up, though. Wanna see my bruises?

Item – I was staring vaguely at a tree while waiting for the bus this evening, and I thought ‘if this actually works, by this time tomorrow our children will be getting themselves conceived.’ Which was freakish and optimistic both together. I’m not sure what the tree had to do with it, but it’s a very nice tree and I stare at it a lot. And it being July, it is covered in ripening cherries right now.

Item – H gave me a rose-scented chocolate truffle and a cup of ‘soothing’ herbal tea, to mark the Ceasing of the Eating. I do not know if I am doing this because I will have a general anaesthetic tomorrow or I might have a general anaesthetic because they’ve harpooned my bowel in the hunt for Satsuma the Elusive. I’m serious. I don’t know if I’ll be out cold or merely sedated. Let’s find out the hard way.

Item – And now I am going to have a shower and braid my hair. Sleep tight, Gentle Readers. I won’t.


21 responses to “Transit lounge pot-pourri

  • Betty M

    Prednisolone can be a thing of wonder and make you run for buses when you have done little more than hobble stiffly for weeks. Holding my breath for you for tomorrow and beyond. x

  • QoB

    Wifi is everywhere these days. for those hard-working people who just need to work on the move. *straight face*

    Haha, hard.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    The anaesthetist would say Merely Sedated, but I assure you, the effect is very much that of Out Cold.

    Hugs seem inadequate, but oh, I send them. I send lots.

  • Jo

    I was about to say what HFF said, too. They CALL it sedation, but I have always been totally unconscious. Whichnisngood, considering that I was very much awake during the aspiration of my cyst prior to starting meds and that effing hurt. Egg retrieval is the same process times 20. The good news? You’ll feel just dandy once its over. Sending love and hugs and squeals of delight for tomorrow!

  • Karen

    Wishing you the very best tomorrow!

  • starrhillgirl

    Oh, boy! I can’t wait for the report of the day! We can compare and contrast our Experiences.

  • Bigzippy

    Good luck!

  • L.

    I can’t believe you’re doing this either, and I’m not actually you of course, so while I don’t know how you feel I do know it must feel beyond momentous. If you know what I mean.

    Crossing all my parts for you tomorrow and over the coming weeks. Good good luck to you two.

  • Nicky

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  • a

    I have a vague memory of entering the room before retrieval, and then I was out for more or less the rest of the day. Sedated. Sure…

    I hope Satsuma delivers some lovely, mature eggs, that H’s sample is stellar (with or without the laptop), and that tomorrow night sees many happily dividing cells headed either for a freezer near you or to march on Cute Ute the Despoiler in order to overthrow the Adenomysis Regime.

  • Kirsten

    I had 5 early losses, and my now 16 month old was lucky number 6. We didn’t end up having to have IVF, but massive doses of progesterone and estrogen seemed to do the trick. I’ve been following you for a long, long time now and will be crossing all my fingers and toes for you and H during this process. Hugs from Canada.

  • Teuchter

    Thinking of you both

  • Korechronicles

    Wishing you as painless and easy an experience as there is to be had. With the very best outcomes to come. Hugs. xx

  • Amy P

    You should be mid-procedure now, so I hope it is and will go wonderfully!

  • minichessemouse

    Sending all the good vibes I have spare. This being 9.40am you are probably pretty much done and dusted and waking up to a cup of tea and some toast. Or a May friendly toast alternative.

    I sincerely hope they were able to collect lots of eggs, without harpooning anything in the process.

    And hugs, I send many of them.

  • twangy

    Ah, 11.30am now, see from dispatches.

    Not long now! I’ll be thinking of you both. Many hugs and reassurances.

  • Emily Erin

    I love that your Twitter feed is in full effect– so glad to see 13 eggs; sorry that it was a ‘difficult’ retreival. I hope that the mayonaise helps things and I’m crossing everything I can in hopes that very, very, very soon you’ll be on your way to something truly delightful (and slightly spit-up-y.).

  • Sheila

    ooh, fingers crossed for you!

  • Sara

    I came across your blog maybe two or three months back, and have been reading the archives from the start (oh my…), to have caught up to the present just this very day. Call that a cliff-hanger! Here’s wishing you all the best from a new reader.

  • Valery Valentina

    just checking, just checking.
    Hope today went wonderwell

  • Sheila

    Just read that Guardian article on your twitter feed – my feelings for the author mirror those I have for your HR flunky. I had to stop reading it as it was making me so angry….

    On the other hand, congratulations on 13 eggs – well done you. Hope you’re not in too much pain this evening. Looking forward to hearing more from you when you’re ready.

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