And with one mighty bound

And back to Riverside this morning for my 5th? I think? wanding.

Satsuma, who is becoming increasingly tender, and who I am sure I felt, like a disgruntled orange on holiday, somewhere near-parallel with my navel, was simply not visible on the dildocam. We caught a distant glimpse of a mass of black circles before she skedaddled, so ÜberScanningLady had me shove down hard from the outside. It was not nice. Satsuma squeaked in protest and struggled out of focus again. So I ended up being scanned from the outside. Gel all over me and my teeshirt, hurrah.

But, but, we saw Satsuma. And she is up just below the level of my navel – a Navel Orange! – And she had 18 follicles over 10mm. A few at 18mm, a few at 15mm, and some at 14mm – I can’t remember the exact details, I was too busy being startled at the sudden turn of events.

‘Oh, well done!’ said ÜberScanningLady, patting my knee.

Last Friday my oestrogen levels were 800 and something. I don’t know what they were today, as Riverside only tell you these things if they call later to adjust your medication. I can only assume they’re behaving. As for Cute Ute, she as a triple-stripe lining and everything, bless her.

I then saw an entirely new-to-me nurse, sweet as a gumdrop, who decided that rather than use the butterfly needle to get today’s sample for testing, as all the other nurses had been doing, she would use a thing like a drinking straw. When she pulled it out, blood ran down my arm. ‘Oh!’ she gasped, ‘Are you on aspirin?’

‘No,’ I said through gritted teeth, holding further balls of cotton wool over the puncture. Could it be, I wimpishly added silently, that you just tore a hole in a much-abused vein with a bloody oil-drill pipe? I ended up holding my elbow over my head for a minute while we booked Wednesday’s scan. I have a bruise, of course. Perhaps we’ll abuse the right arm next time.

Sweet Nurse of Accidental Savagery then cheerfully announced that I looked to be on course for a Friday or Saturday retrieval. This Friday? Why, yes, if everything still looked good on Wednesday.

AAAAAIIIEEEEEEE this is actually happening oh my God.

Does this or does it not make up for the incident last night where I managed to bend the Gonal F pen needle double while trying to get the cap back on it, and then, not having noticed, seize hold to unscrew it, thereby sinking the sodding needle into the joint of my thumb up to the benighted bone? Yes, it is still painful 24 hours later. I think I might get H to prepare the weapons this time.

(Also, how come I can calmly watch as I sink a needle into myself, but have to turn my face away when someone else does it?)


19 responses to “And with one mighty bound

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Self abuse is SO much easier than the other sort!!
    Wait… that sounds… well, right, really.

    Every brave knight needs a loyal page to prepare the weapons before battle. Support staff concentrate better during pre-battle nerves, I feel. Make H your Trusty Armourer?

    Satsuma, I don’t care where you’ve migrated too in an attempt to find somewhere comfy to lie: you are on course for a gold star.

  • Chickenpig

    YEAH!!!! Way to go with those follicles. Things sound really promising!

    I put one of those stupid needles just about through my finger, too. I was trying to put the stupid little cap on, but the needle went right through the side of the cap and kept on going. It hurts like a b*tch!

    Friday is coming up so fast. And yet not fast enough. Everything crossed for a basket of good, mature eggs!

  • Lilian

    Needles – gah! Otherwise – 🙂

  • bionicbrooklynite

    The real maimers always are cheerful about it. I prefer calm competence, myself. Having just been sent to a full time blood work lab of the corporate sort, I am surprised to find myself wishing I could do that for all future blood letting sessions. That woman was GOOD.

    Huzzah, huzzah! For the upcoming retrieval, and all its promise of fruitfulness.

  • Jo

    I once had a tech stab me with a needle, miss the vein, then attempt to finagle the needle into the vein WITHOUT REMOVING IT FROM MY ARM. It was incredibly painful, to say the least, and unsuccessful to boot. I ended up with another attempt being made on my other arm, and two very pretty purple bruises as souvenirs.

    So excited to hear that Satsuma has gotten on board. Can’t wait for Friday!!!!!

  • a

    Well, at this rate, you can have your retrieval orally. Or perhaps Satsuma will pop out the top of your skull? Either way, nice work, little ovary! Keep those follicles growing into nice, mature eggs!

    I never really thought about it, but it is definitely easier to stick myself with a needle than to watch someone else do it. Hmmm.

  • L.

    Ooo ooo! How exciting! So glad Satsuma is coming through with flying colors.

  • chon

    Oh the Butcher from Baghdad nurse! Your initiation into IVF is now complete.

  • starrhillgirl

    Stupid needles.
    Also, 18 over 10mm! Whoa. Good job.

  • Twangy

    Oh good! Phew. What a turnaround! She has some sense of timing, not to mention bathos. Please focus now, Sats.

    (So sorry about your father, the news about whom I didn’t hear till now (due to sad demise of google reader). It is horrible to see someone you love not look after himself. I use the masculine advisedly – my father had the borkified arteries (80%!!), and segued into stroke predictably enough. (But! Is quite well now, thanks to medical science.) Can’t quite believe the timing in regard to yours, either, quick recovery notwithstanding. So sorry, May.)

  • Melissa

    Needle jabbing nurses aside, YAY!!! Satsuma is finally getting it right! Eeek I’m excited for you!

  • Sheila

    Well done satsuma! Now, just because you’ve been well behaved, don’t go all OHSS on us later in the week….

  • minichessemouse

    THIS Friday! Aieeeeeee indeed. *joins cheerleading squad* I have absolutely everything crossed for you.

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