I am merely complaining

Item – Dad has been sent home to behave until They (the NHS) sort out a surgery date. Now that I can be relieved, I can also be fucking furious with him. Will he stop smoking and drinking? Of course he won’t. He has been doing both to excess since his teens. His early life sucked colossally. This is how he completely fails to cope while soothing his battered heart as best as he can. His battered heart may like it emotionally, but physically it cannae take it any more, Captain. Which will not and never has prevented Dad launching himself warp speed towards the edge of the Galaxy and/or oblivion.

Item – I missed a party I really wanted to go to this weekend. I did get to spend some time in town with friends having My Mind Taken Off Things, but I still resent missing that party. Not least because the party-giver sent me lucky IVF socks, and I didn’t get to hug her.

Item – I have a couple of friends who are having The Times, They Are Bad. One involves startlingly spiteful colleagues. Gah. And the other involves Epic Reproductive Fuckery, so I cried, because it’s so very very wrong that those who have been fucked over already, often, should end up being fucked over again – and for perfect storm levels of mindfuckery, there’s a tiny watery sunbeam of a chance things might be OK. Just to make sure no one relaxes at all, ever again, also forswears sex.

Item – My laptop is borked, I think I mentioned? So I am doing this on my iPad, which, because it’s an adorable gadget that loves me, is making commenting on other blogs nearly impossible. Sorry, dear good Gentle Readers.

Item – Prednisolone – so far – merely makes me slightly hyper.

Item – Cetrotide still stings and leaves an itchy welt, and the next morning the itchy welt has gone but left a faint reddish bruise. And I still freak out about getting air-bubbles in the syringe.

Item – I finally managed to hurt myself with the Gonal-F. Last night’s jab hurt, and when I pulled the needle out, a bubble of blood followed. Today I have a seriously proper blue bruise surrounding the scarlet track-mark (to match the track-marks on my inner arm from all the blood-tests). I am so pretty! This is so cosmetically enhancing!


9 responses to “I am merely complaining

  • starrhillgirl

    That’s to remind you it’s *cosmetic* of course.
    It’s sort of a bum day in fertility land. Did you get wanded today?

  • a

    Hurray for starting the day with a wanding! And the week! It can only go up from there?

    I watched both of my parents not deal with their heart disease (and other ills) and I know how tough it is to watch. Whenever I saw my mother eating crap that she shouldn’t have been, I would tell her “I’m not coming to your next bypass, just so you know.” Personally, I am planning on simply dropping dead one day. In keeping with my plan, I think I shall never visit a GP again.

    Spiteful colleagues – the most difficult thing to endure because you are forced to spend so much time with them. Your friends have my sympathy. I hope fortunes turn good for everyone…

  • Jo

    Oh, I agree. Epic Reproductive Mindfucks never seem to target the right people, if such people exist. By any means, once one has experienced such a mindfuck, one should be exempt from all further/future mindfucks. Or so says me, anyway. Glad to hear things are progressing, and anxiously awaiting your next scan and update.

  • Mina

    From the assorted items above, one can conclude that things might go either verra well and dandy, or not. Let’s hope on the former. Parents have a mind of their own when it comes to self distruction – and let’s hope we remember that and not repeat it with our own children. For that, we need you Satsuma, to behave, dear. Cute Ute, the same, if you please. Fingers crossed.

  • Sheila

    Hope this morning’s waning from the dildo cam reaped satisfactory results!

  • Valery Valentina

    Is it suddenly summer too where you are? Hope this dawn gave you signs of progress. In the Right Direction.

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