Double fault

1 – My Dad called last night to tell us he’d had a heart-attack. At which point I nearly had a heart-attack. On the plus side, he was well enough to talk on the phone. On the minus side, a sodding heart-attack. ‘Oh, I’m fine,’ he kept saying, ‘I just need a stent.’ OK, you daft old bugger, a) you are not fine, and b) you also need to stop smoking and drinking and start eating, you know, green things other than Chartreuse. Because this is your second heart-attack and you can’t just have one of these a year to screw with your children’s plans, as if it were a middle-aged habit, like buying fast cars and getting entangled with fast women. Anyway. H and I have surgically attached our telephonic devices to our persons. Also, this is not a good time for me to rush off to the other end of the country. I’m in the middle of an IVF cycle, damn it.

2 – Speaking of which, Satsuma is in deep disgrace, because at today’s scan, she still had absolutely no follicles over 10mm. About 15 or so had grown enough to be ‘worth counting’, according to ÜberScanningLady, so there are 15 potential contenders (the rest of the 29 were still minute), but not one was over 10mm. Gonal-F increased to 300 units a night. Dearest Satsuma, this kind of insubordinate slackness is not only emotionally wearing, but it’s also fucking expensive. Get on with it. You have been warned.

Edited to add – Just had a call from the Riverside Clinic. Increase Gonal-F to 375 units an evening. SATSUMAAAAAAAAAAAARGH.


16 responses to “Double fault

  • Jo

    I’m not sure how it compares in the UK, but I figured that on this last cycle, my Gonal -F ran me about $1 per unit. So each 300 unit shot ( increased to 375 mid-stim cycle) cost me more than my frickin’ car payment. It’s positively panic-inducing, particularly towards the end when you have to try to guess what The Doctor is thinking and debate ordering more — just to have it possibly go to waste.

    I am very sorry about your dad, and I hope he truly is feeling better soon. Hugs to you and H.

  • Valery Valentina

    nerve wrecking! what a lottery.

    Can only hope your dad is right and is ‘fine’. Am joining the hope like hell squad.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Oh Christ. I hope the stent on May Senior does the trick. Moar stress! Not required! The timing, she is not good.
    You have seen my 300 – and raised me another 75! I suspect this will have a cattle-prodding effect, alright. Poor Satsuma. No pressure, love, but it’s hanging on you this week. And Murray. And you.

  • Betty M

    I am sorry about your dad. Hopefully the stent is going in pdq.

    Gonal F is clearly like Puregon in that you invariably don’t get enough and are fleeced for vast sums at the hospital pharmacy as can’t get to the legendary Ali of Shadwells in time.

    (He he my autocorrect thinks it should be Gonzales F – a cooler name by far.)

  • minichessemouse

    MEEP! hope your dad is feeling better soon.

    Also hoping the increased Gonal F is the swift boot up the behind that Satsuma needs.

    Many many hugs and much hope like HHe’ll headed your way.

  • Sheila

    May – I live a few stops away from Shadwell on the DLR if you need someone to collect the gonal F for you? Happy to help if I can….

    Fingers crossed for your Dad and some stern virtual words being directed at Satsuma…

  • MFA Mama

    Bugger and blast! I’m so sorry to hear that your father and Satsuma are vying for the title of Most Vexing. Both of them need to shape up, pronto!

  • Chickenpig

    I’m sorry about your dad. I hope that the stint improves things. Maybe he’ll take it as a warning shot across the bow???

    I hope that Satsuma gets on the stick and soon 😦 How are your estrogen levels?? Fingers crossed that the ever increasingly expensive levels of Gonal F do the trick.

  • a

    Ugh. Sorry to hear about your dad – it almost seems like stents are minor surgery these days, they’re so common. But it’s still worrying – hoping it’s as minor as he’s making it out to be. Good luck trying to get him to change his habits – that’s one of the hardest things.

    I hope the increased dosage give Satsuma a kick in the nads (so to speak) and wakes her up.

  • waterbelle44

    I’m really sorry to hear about your dad. Keep strong. Get going Satsuma!!!!

  • L.

    OMG, I am very sorry to hear about your dad and hope that he is relatively shipshape soon.

    I have a dad who didn’t tell anyone including my mother about two very concerning health issues that he totally should have, and let things get worse than they had to be, and now that he’s done with the chemotherapy and radiation still resists telling anyone about things that are serious problems (like passing out and falling down), so I feel you, yes I do. If you figure out a solution for total and utter denial, please let me know. Because bursting into tears and telling him that I just want my children to have him in their lives didn’t help. Not that I am bitter about this or anything.

    This is totally talking out of my ass here, since obviously you’ve had a lot of pregnancies, but maybe Satsuma’s lack of responsiveness is linked somehow to the problems you’ve experienced? Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. We know she can get there and I’m giving her a stern eye from over here. Get with it, Satsuma. May isn’t made of money, you know! ($1/unit?!)

    I can’t believe you’re doing IVF–in a good way–it’s been such a long and winding road and I want very much for it to be a good one for you. I cannot imagine the amount of nail-biting though–with all you have at stake. Sending you many good wishes, as always.

  • Hat

    How did Satsuma get that name? I feel like big dummy but just wondering.

  • Sol Solntze

    *Directing the appropriate glares at the appropriate difficulties* Well, it wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t… OK, too soon?

  • bionicbrooklynite

    Much love to you all. Even you, Satsuma.

    I hope the stent goes in easy and does the trick. Xoxo

  • starrhillgirl

    Ugh. That’s too many not so nice things. Boo. Hope your dad is quickly well and that the bigger dose of stims does the trick.

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