It’s your own time you’re wasting

Hello, it’s me again. I have no idea what happened last night. I had the draft of a post, I was tapping away at it, and I suddenly went all ‘oh, sod it’ and hit ‘publish’ in the middle of a train of thought, and stomped off to bed. As H so sweetly remarked, it’s probably caffeine withdrawal. So if you were wondering why I seemed even more random than usual in an abrupt sort of way, wonder no more.

So caffeine! Yes! I am trying to cut down slowly, as I’ve always been a bit of a caffeine fiend, aiming for one (1. Unum. One) cup of tea OR (not and. Or) coffee a day (and by cup I mean ‘cup’, not ‘bucket’). I am nearly there. I thought by cutting down slowly I’d avoid the MASSIVE CRASHING HEADACHES. And I have. I merely have a constant irritating headache. Which could be the Gonal-F. Or life.

And on to today’s adventures. H and I went to Riverside for the scan/bloodwork/chat with nurse thing that is to be happening ever-so-often for the next couple of weeks. Well, I was there for the scan and the needles and the chat, and H was there to enquire as to where in heck our bill has got to so we can actually pay it. He eventually hunted down someone in Accounts who assured us it was in the post. So that was all amazingly pointless and so much for trying to be Good And Responsible Citizens.

Meanwhile, √úberScanningLady and I had a look at The Innards. Well, Cute Ute had grown some lining, so she was definitely In The Presence of Oestrogen, but where it was coming from was a complete bloody mystery as Satsuma was still utterly follicle-free (‘What? You were so pleased on Friday when I looked like this! What? WHAT?’). I then went off to get my blood taken (ow) but given the Absence of Follicle, the nurse who spoke to us said Dr George would probably want me to increase the Gonal-F to 225 units a night, and hold off starting the Cetrotide just yet. And we all gave Satsuma a long, sad, pointed look (‘WHAT?’). She then went off to talk to the doctors and yes, I am definitely increasing to 225 units of Gonal-F and they’ll call us if and only if I need to start Cetrotide, which I probably don’t. And I haven’t had a call.

I then went and spent about half an hour waiting in the pharmacy to get a bit more Gonal-F (thanks, Sats) and emergency just-in-case Cetrotide, and Prednisolone (which I am starting on Thursday), and this made me colossally late for work, and my boss was not pleased, and I think I displaced her displeasure onto the wilfulness of pharmacies, but, yes, that wasn’t in the least bit stressful, no sirree Bob.

Boss also made me stay on late to cover the missing hour, which was irritating as H and I actually had a date. Imagine my chagrin when I realised she too was staying on late to make sure we’d have a private time to talk through things to raise with HR (oh, for we are having a meeting with HR on How To Deal With Ladies Doing IVF, and I think I am rapidly becoming the test-case by which my Place of Work is creating policies on the hoof). Boss is squarely and enthusiastically on my side, and wants to make sure I get as much leave, sick-leave, and flexible working as humanly possible. It’s a little overwhelming. Doesn’t she realise that if this works, I’ll be abandoning her for a year?

By the way, 225 units of Gonal-F stings more than 150 units.

Oh, and clexane, because Sheila was asking – I start taking it at retrieval.

The track-pad on my lap-top is playing silly buggers. This is making posting a bit of an embuggerance. Time for a visit to Lap-Top Hospital, alas.


12 responses to “It’s your own time you’re wasting

  • a

    Pharmacies are annoying as can be. But it’s very nice that your boss is working with you for adequate time off. That bodes well…

  • Kylie

    On the increased pain from GonalF with higher dosage, yes it does hurt more. The best method was to inject slowly ( this is also very true for clexane). I learned the hard way that trying to make it be over quickly by doing a fast shot, really bad idea.

    Fingers crossed.

  • starrhillgirl

    Oh boy! You are almost up to my starting level of gonal-f! I’m at 450. Which is twice the follistim I took last time. No cetritide for me yet either. Maybe we will start on the same day! Twinsies! (Us, I mean, not *in* either of us.)

  • Jo

    Still loudly cheering for you from the sidelines.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    *Gloomily* They will find you, fear not. The bill ALWAYS arrives. I spent an entire cycle waving a credit card under nurses’ noses, but they waved it away with a Pfffft! and concentrated on the clinical stuff. Finally – and I am talking _after_ the the miscarriage – a bill arrived on the doormat covering in Urgent! Overdue! PAY NOW! stamps. Which we duly paid by return. Then they sent another one, for the same entire amount, covered with even more red-stampage. Which, it turned out, was optimistic of them.

    Bah, pharmacy! Bah! I have tales about pharmacies and the Shit They Cause (the time they closed up for the night without giving me my Urgent Drugs was favourite) but I shall kick those memories hurriedly under the carpet and focus on The Positive Karma instead. God, I am focusing on some Positive Karma. I am practically attracting fucking _neutrons_ here, with all this Positive Karma. Sats: I’m here for you. Do yo thang!

  • Melissa

    Don’t you love being the guinea pig for all new HR policies?! What a privilege! LOL

  • wombattwo

    I still have PTSD flashbacks to sitting in the basement hospital pharmacy for 3 hours waiting for my prescriptions of headache-inducing drugs. Even the woman on the experimental trial cancer drug got out quicker than I did.

    And weirdly enough it was always the vitamin E that confused them the most, not the slightly experimental drug actually licensed for vascular dementia. Sigh. Pharmacies.

  • Sheila

    Good thing is that they’re monitoring you closely I guess….. Still cheering you on from the sidelines too! And thank you for putting my mind to rest on clexane!

  • Twangy

    *Meaningfully* I, your supporter and fan, have my eye on you, Satsuma.

    Wait. It’s not weird addressing your mate’s ovary through the internet, is it? *Feels uncertain*.
    I better stop then.

    Sounds like Boss’s heart is in the right place, anyway? Even if she is a bit Much?

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