Bisy backson

I’d talk to you, Gentle Readers, but I’m having the Busiest Week Ever™. I am working 11-hour days to build up extra leave for The IVF, we have guests staying later this week and the house looks very much like a tragic episode of Hoarders, H has another concert (and his mother will be visiting too), and my period is due this weekend. So, err, not blogging, because it is cutting into my valuable staring-tearfully-into-space-while-chewing-my-to-do-list time.

Buserelin – no symptoms beyond a weird bitter-sweet taste at the back of the throat, the horrible sensation of it dribbling back down my nose occasionally, and occasional moments when I think I have sprayed it onto the naked, quivering surface of my brain, also known as ‘you know that thing when you get water up your nose while swimming? Like that.’ The sore throat? Turned out to be a head cold. Yes, I know, a cold in June. But we’re having a traditional British Summer here, clammy, grey, rainy, with cold breeze, and very random and occasional GLIMPSES OF THE SUN IN SPLENDOUR WITH ACTUAL HEAT. So a head cold is mandatory. Oh well. H got over his in about three days.

Oh, crap, must call GP and find out if I have chlamydia or not. *chews fresh hole in to-do list*


7 responses to “Bisy backson

  • Melissa

    Hang in there hon, one thing at a time!

  • Blanche

    Oh, Pooh. Keep ye olde chin up.

  • QoB

    I was in London today and it was likely being in a horribly muggy sauna. Like the English weather was going “Warm, right? Warm is good, right? Did I get it right this time?” while we’re all wishing in vain that the sweat would just evaporate already.

    Wishing you a chlamydia-free weekend.

  • a

    The to-do list is always full. Head down, plow on. 🙂

  • Twangy

    No, the effing sharks – eff the buggers, and I mean this in the most heartfelt way. And rellies? Plus other visitors? Poor May. Will be thinking fortifying thoughts for you.

    • Valery Valentina

      Hope the weekend reaches you before the sharks do. Wishing for babysharks too, they tend to be shy and not so powerful. So, ummm, this was/is the first 2(ish) week wait, then another and *then* the big 2ww??
      After all these years of maybe-next-month-s it should seem quick to now ‘only’ have to wait weeks, but, well, getting impatient and nervous and hopeful and checking your blog more often. Thinking of you.

  • Anonymous

    Hope there is lots more sunshine to come. And that you can soon leave the Ocean of Frantic Overload and enter the quiet waters of Peaceful Bay. Without drowning.

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