This morning, I took my first dose of Buserelin.

H got up specially and came in to the bedroom to watch (he has been sleeping in the spare room, because snoring). So we read the leaflet, unscrewed the cap of the tiny bottle, liberated the pump-spray thingy from its various lids and tubes and packagings, screwed it onto the bottle, pumped it a couple of times to prime it, and then squirted it up my nose.


And then H went back to solitary confinement for a further snooze, and I sat in bed, knitting and reading.

And that was that.

The back of my nasal cavity feels very slightly achy.



Anyway, we have a very busy and social weekend to be getting on with, including a concert, dinner with an old friend, and a MASSIVE FAMILY SHINDIG, full of all the family members who infuriate me the most. This’ll be excellent.


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