I was going to write a slightly tedious post all about metformin, and how I’m not sure I care for the stupid drug but will stay on it like a good little (gassy) ox for the duration because Dr George said so, with Reasons and everything.

Meanwhile, we emailed Dr George to confirm the exact date I am to start squirting nun’s urine up my nose (see previous post) (actually, FSH used to be extracted from nun’s urine (nice clean menopausal ladies with nice clean wee, see? (Buserelin is snow-leopard kitten tears, remember?)).

And Dr George dropped a jolly old bomb-by-email back on us this afternoon. To say, actually, ‘we’re’ not going to use Buserelin as on reviewing the notes of our discussion, ‘we’ decided on an antagonist cycle.

Wait now what now what the fuck?

Because, both H and I clearly remember him telling us the advantages of using an agonist to suppress the endometriosis/adenomyosis, and that therefore I might be starting the ‘nasal spray’ a week earlier than usual, and that it might make my period less horrible if I did (hence confusion-that-needed-clearing-up about the meaning of ‘day 21’).

And, also, Dr George himself wrote the fucking prescription for Buserelin with my name on. And we double checked it, remember, because when H went in for his HIV/hepatitis test, it wasn’t ready, and he had to get the nurses to go ask about it and get back to us. And then I picked it up the next day and paid Money In Excess of Lots for it.


You know triggers? Events that are seemingly no big deal, but because of one’s Precious Snowflake Issues, bring on a Hate Spiral of Raging Anxious Doom? Yeah, I have one regarding Doctors That Do Not Listen (you know my mono-ovaried state? It would never have come to that if doctors had listened to me whining on about my terrible random tummy pains and weird swelling in the lower left quadrant of the abdomen, rather than going ‘oh, teenagers and their silly period problems! Have a paracetamol LOLOLOLOLOL’ for years). BUT I’M NOT BITTER. And the miscarriage thing. Yeah, no, let’s not go there)). ANYWAY. I am wondering whether or not to have a migraine. I mean, why the hell not? Bring on ALL the suck!

Rationally, I know this is not necessarily any kind of deal-breakerage. We will email Dr George asking for clarification – oh, hey, he may have my AMH result infront of him and have had an ‘oh!’ moment and therefore it is the correct decision (I do not know what my AMH result is. We will ask that too) – and if he really does mean doing this the Antagonist way, we will ask for a refund on the kitten-tears. No, wait, we won’t ask for a refund. We will get a fucking refund. And an apology. We have a week or two to clarify. And I can always explain, carefully, just how very, very little I appreciate doctors screwing me about, with hand-gestures, if the apology is not forthcoming.

ARGH, though. Just, ARGH.


15 responses to “Oh, COME ON

  • bionicbrooklynite

    Oh, for all the fucks. That is ENRAGING. THERE HAD BETTER BE CONTRITION. That is what.

  • a

    I suspect that you can be quite frightening when properly motivated. I think Dr. George has earned himself a dose of that.

    Much luck on the clarification…both on his end (of how he’s expected to treat you) and on yours (on what your protocol shall be).

  • QoB

    I hope he realises that he’s made a huge mistake.

    (I see Arrested Development references even when none exist).

  • nickeecoco

    So frustrating! I hope he offers a decent explanation or apology and you feel comfortable moving forward.

  • Nicky

    Do they not have electronic medical records, where EVERY SINGLE DECISION EVER is recorded, in triplicate? Because really, that is inexcusable.

    • Jenny F. Scientist, PhD

      I’ve heard that nobody there knows how to use them properly. Also I understand that different NHS trusts use different ones, therefore no unified system. And there are still paper records floating around in the UK, yes?

      Ask P all about the Big Boss’s crazy European marketing…

      • May

        It’s not an NHS clinic. It’s a private clinic. So the NHS’s practices (and random bits of lost paper (like the time my infertility consultant had no idea I’d been treated for miscarriage AT HER BLOODY HOSPITAL not that I’m bitter)) are completely irrelevant for once. For once!

  • Lilian

    ARGH! Doctors! So frustrating. Hope it gets sorted out and that he is apologetic!

  • Mina

    Good god, how haven’t I seen you on the news already for having performed the world’s largest crochet work out of doctors’ small intestines? I am in awe of your self control. And them fockers would better listen AND talk to you NOW.
    Wishing you the best as always, and keeping crossables crossed for a change of luck (for the better, Universe, please stop screwing up here, will you?!). Continuous fortitude, dear, and many hugs.

  • Anonymous

    This happened to me too, and it definitely sucks. I had 2 and a half weeks of buserelin injections before the stupid hospital deigned to tell me that I should have been on short protocol all along. had to wait for the next cycle and start over. Grr!! Hope it’s all sorted soon, and best of luck for when you get going x.

  • Valery Valentina

    I already erased from memory the email struggles/phone tag games for prescription clarification. Just that vague feeling of air traffic controller, being on high alert for weeks.
    And now that it doesn’t seem necessary I can’t really get myself motivated to see a thyroid specialist (or even my GP or dentist for that matter)
    Wishing you strong scarlet hooves to keep going.

  • Betty M

    Small lesson in patient communication needed for Dr George – good looks don’t get you through everything.
    That said I found that they endlessly chopped and changed stuff during a cycle as they reviewed notes and bloods and stuff. They also had a tendency to have a meeting every day at which they all discussed the cycling patients where the things they just told you to do that very morning when you dragged yourself to a clinic at 7 am to be prodded and poked would change again in the afternoon. Infuriating beyond belief.

  • g

    Antagonist cycles are trendy here thanks to funding for the, um, antagonist. Standard long downreg usually theoretically preferred in pcos but probably doesn’t make a great deal of individual difference. My own experience was unlucky.

    Go yell down some phones.


  • Womb For Improvement

    I have no idea whether this reversal is the right thing or not but I don know how incredibly unsettling it is to have something agreed and explained how important it is and then it be dismissed. You wonder whether they are looking at the right notes or if they have forgotten a key bit of information that was crucial to the initial decision. Hideous. There is no problem just prompting them a bit as to why you understood buserelin was to be used – it might jog a memory or mean that you get a bit more clarification about why he has changed his mind…

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    I have scoured my inbox and there is no – NO! – notification of this post. *wordpress angst*

    I realise this is old news now, but I throw another enraged WTF?! in your Dr’s direction. Since the sperm-into-the-WRONG-uterus IUI episode, I share your hate spiral with gusto. How infuriating! And anxiety-inducing JUST when you didn’t need any more.

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