Sudden leap backwards

So H finally spoke to the Ditzy Secretary. And she said, ‘oh, we can only do two or three LIT treatments a month, because of the lab bookings, so we can’t fit you in until June.’

And H said: ‘June? JUNE?’

And the DS said: ‘Well, we’ll fit you in sooner if there’s a cancellation.’

And H put the phone down and texted me, and I called him back, and then I went and stood in the middle of a garden square and banged my head repeatedly on a tree.

And then I went to my favourite coffee shop, where my favourite barista was so pleased to see me he gave me a free coffee, and I cheered up a bit.


What the hell are we going to do with ourselves until JUNE?


20 responses to “Sudden leap backwards

  • a

    That would have been good to know sooner. Sigh…

    Oh well. Free coffee!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Two *OR* Three? That’s… a fuck load of difference, percentage-wise. And. given that there was no last-minute alteration to your treatment plan, at what point and for what reason did you miss out on April’s reported slots?!
    *finds her own tree*

  • Hat

    Sorry for the smart ass answer but after your last post and now this, its what i want to do. I wish i could reach across the ocean and give you a hug, scowl at anyone who is giving you greif for chronic sick wish u well

  • Betty M

    Buggering bollocks. Is there no other place which will do LIT or is LIT plus Professor IV the agreed plan? If I could I’d send a few extra lab persons and pipettes and Bunsen burners etc Prof IV’s way. 2 or 3 only a month seems ludicrously part time for a lab. Howling in sympathy and heading out to find a tree .

  • kylie

    Drink seems like a reasonable response in the face of this. To be honest it may even be a situation that requires chemical substances of a not quite legal structure, but those are not advisable.
    And to refer back to the previous post- Yoga has done sweet FA for the whole fertility/reproductive organs thing, but accupuncture has proved surprisingly helpful. And has the added advantage of generally shutting up two groups- the ones who want to suggest alternative therapies (because it is) and those scared of needles.

    I have forgotten, if i ever knew, what LIT is, so I am confsed as to why it is so difficult for the lab to perform. I notice that the labs never seem to have an issue in squeezing more IVF embryos (or maybe they do and I am oblivious) so it seems odd. If you are paying them money to perform a medical service, there should be an ability to find an appointment.

  • bionicbrooklynite

    Oh, FFS. 2 or 3?? What,do you each get a special pony or something? I am appalled.

  • Mina

    If they only do TWO OR THREE LITs per months, how high are the chances of a cancellation until June? Is this woman for real?! I am always astonished at how many idiocies people can deliver without batting an eyelid. Anyways, so sorry, May, for the shitload you have to deal with, again. Many virtual hugs, dear, as useless as they may be. Thinking of you.

  • Twangy

    OH how maddening. FFS, indeed. GAH! So sorry about that.

  • Womb For Improvement

    What a curve ball. Bastards. I’m a bit gobsmacked.

  • Melissa

    WHAT? Is there anywhere else you can go? If not, call EVERY week to check for cancellations. That’s what i’ve done in situations like that. You’ll be the first to get bumped up.

  • Dr Spouse

    Forget trees, you need a brick wall. And more drink.

  • Emily Erin

    I would be quite inclined to call the secretary and let her know that you plan to go ELSEWHERE, thank you very much, due to her incompetence. You can still have Dr. IV as your doctor while seeking out the treatments he suggests somewhere else, I’d think. I don’t think that *you* are the one who needs a good tree to the head, I think that it’s the secretary, for my 2 cents.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel worthy enough to comment here often. Given that I was one of the people proding you for an update, though, I feel I should. It’s just so damn hard to say anything helpful.

    Patience, I guess, if perchance you can muster it.

    Courage seems to be another good word in this upsetting time.

    So sorry for the infuriating delay. Aarrgh.

    K x

  • Chickenpig

    Aaarg! Sorry for the delay. If I was one of those baby dust and rainbow people, I would say “Maybe this happened for a reason so that your embryos would be perfect and all the planets would be arranged just so and all the happy angels will be singing.” But I’m not, so I will just say that delays really suck, especially when you are all psyched to move forward. I’ll cross my fingers for a cancellation.

  • thalia

    @emily erin probably not, actually, there are v v few docs in the UK who will do LIT, I certainly haven’t heard of many. May you are entirely entitled to cut the bloody tree down and stamp on it if it would help relieve the fury in anyway. Buggering unfair incompetency is really unbearable at this point.

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