There is nothing wrong with me that another holiday wouldn’t cure

Hello, Gentle Readers! How was your New Year celebration? Celebraty? Excellent. Not-so-celebraty? I am so sorry, forget I mentioned it – unless you want to vent, of course, in which case knock yourself out.

My New Year’s Eve was actually quite nice. I was at my mother’s, as were an assortment of siblings and and aunts&uncles and cousins and niecephews. We had dinner, we played cards and board-games until my head fell right off from sheer exhaustion, and my sisters took to sitting up all night every night playing the guitar and singing Leonard Cohen (they are, respectively, 24 and 36. Well now). Nobody actually fought. There may have been a little frustrated weeping in bathrooms. One uncle, who can occasionally be an immature sulky bastard, behaved like an immature sulky bastard, which I’m afraid I found hilarious because he was sulking at us all, very pointedly, because the 9-year-old had cheeked him. The 9-year-old. *snort*. Oh, and there was a truly unpleasant incident involving a cat, worming tablets, cat-bodily-fluids, worms, and my having a migraine, which ended in bleach and cleansing with fire. Happy New Year, start as you mean to go on, eh? Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

And then as soon as we got back home again on New Year’s Day, it was time to do laundry and find my work ID, and I spent the rest of the week wondering why I hadn’t had the nous to book the first week of January off, like absolutely everyone else had done.

I am so tired.

Next time, on Nuts in May: my thyroid, and progress on the Fourth Opinion.


5 responses to “There is nothing wrong with me that another holiday wouldn’t cure

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Playing guitar! Leonard Cohen! Board games! I KNEW I was a sister-in-spirit!

  • a

    Last time we went to visit my sister, I discovered that her usually-spirited-but-somewhat-lethargic dog was somewhat lethargic due to worms. I was very happy to not be the one who had to clean up after him when the worming medication finally took full effect.

    Apparently, my husband’s family played board games on New Year’s Eve. We just went to bed early…well, I did. And then I woke up at 4 when my husband finally came to bed. He has trouble sleeping sometimes, especially when people are setting off fireworks.

    I’m taking this week off (for hernia repair – should be fun. Or at least drug-filled) after 2 short weeks at work. I don’t know what I’ll do that 3rd week of January when I have to work a full week.

  • korechronicles

    my macbook left shift and command keys have failed. forgive me my lack of capitilisation. the right is working but i cannot touch type that way. so onwards…to a usb keyboard methinks.

    i do like the sound of your family activity for new years. better than wild parties which are not my favourite way of seeing in a new year.

    like you, i was scrabbling about in my handbag on the second day of 2013 looking for my work id. i will get a week at the beach at the end of the month so it is not all bad news.

    very interested in the upcoming instalments chez may and h.

  • Valery Valentina

    Yay! Boardgames! Also crackers and French cheeses? That is the best way to celebrate New Years Eve I think. People looked at me weird when I said board games this year, so we didn’t and I almost fell asleep.
    Since this holiday was weird I lost some weight. If it has happened your way please don’t hesitate to return to me.

  • bionic

    We dozed our way into the new year on a much-belated train to my parents’ house. I expect midnight was somewhere in northern Arkansas. We did have hoppin john, which I recommend. Then we got croup, which I do not.

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