And then

After the In-Law Mellow Interval With Roast Dinner, H and I came home again (did I say that already? I did say that already). We spent a day washing things and going to the cinema (The Hobbit – not bad, fight scenes amazing, interspersed with episodes of Mystic Cheese, would try the patience of anyone not a die-hard Tolkien/Jackson/LOTR fan, Richard Armitage can come and sulk at me anyday, as can Adrian Turner. Oh, and Martin Freeman. He can come too. *Fans self*). We had friends over for dinner and stayed up until 3:30 am, talking crap and getting very drunk. Well, they did. I didn’t, because Metformin, but I don’t need Strong Drink Taken in order to talk crap for hours.

And May saw every thing that she had made, and, behold, it was very good.

Now, we gird loins and go to my Mother’s for New Year, so H can have a go at putting up with his In-Laws. It’s just as well he can drink, because his require a great deal more putting-up-with than mine.

Meanwhile, in matters reproductive, just before Christmas Week of Chaos, H wrote an email to yet another Grand High PoohBah of Reproductive Medicine, requesting a, what is this, fourth? Yes, fourth opinion. Because Dr Expensive is making us both feel uneasy. And because I stamped my feet and shrieked that we needed to DO SOMETHING in 2013, and H needed to actually take a great big stakehold in DOING SOMETHING, because I had the bleeding and vomiting and suffering and weird medications that don’t seem to do much bit to do and that was quite enough, thank you. We’ll see what January brings.

If being at Mama’s precludes blogging, I shall be content in the knowledge that I took this opportunity right here to wish all my Gentle Readers, Pocket People, Dear Friends and Loyal Lurkers a very, very happy 2013, full of joy and wonder and laughter and hugs and heart-warming moments and shit like that.


7 responses to “And then

  • Amy

    Happy New Year, May. May 2013 be your year! I hope the time at your mother’s is splendid..

  • Jo.

    Thinking of you, sending hugs and whatnot. Would love to spend hours conversing with you and H, but will settle for your delightful recaps. Here’s to 2013 and making progress.

  • Mina

    Knock, knock, open up, it’s 2013, the May Year! I very much wish this to be true, this year to be the year that you get to take your baby home, the last year you sleep properly during the night and before you experience teething. It sounds mean and petty and callous, but it’s not, I truly wish you get to be the only one a tiny human wants and needs in the beginning. It is very raw and very consuming, but you would do so great with it all. I just know. Universe, you hear that? Stop fucking about and give May a break. And a baby. Thank you.
    Happy New Year, May!

  • manapan

    Happy New Year! As always, I’m wishing you’ll have an excellent year. And hoping it actually comes true this time.

  • QoB

    You’ve seen this, yes?

    I would make representations on behalf of James Nesbitt for #3, myself.

    Here’s to 2013 🙂

  • Korechronicles

    Sending you and H every good wish for 2013 and strong support vibes for the stint with your family. I am also hoping that this is your year. Much love!

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