Just give me a minute, wrapped up in tinsel

It’s not that I don’t care about this ‘ere blog, Gentle Readers. It’s just that I have been Quite Busy. (Hi! I’m Quite Busy! Call me Quite!)

Item – Christmahanukwanzaa. We go to the In-Laws tomorrow. The area of the country where the In-Laws dwell is prone to floods. It has been raining in a Noah’s Ark sort of way here in Blighty. I… I have a bad feeling about this…

Item – Therefore, Festive Gift-Shopping. We have done rather well this year, though H keeps saying we bought too much chocolate (H, no we did not. Shut up). Nevertheless, it needed doing, and in evenings and so forth, which interferes with blogging.

Item – Number of surprise pregnancy announcements at my cousin’s wedding last weekend? Four.

Item – I am less bothered about this than I would’ve been last year. I am getting a good coating of shellack, I think.

Item – I was out last night having a social life. I am out tonight having a social life. Isn’t this wonderful? I’m having fun!

Item – I am in six minds as to whether to take the lap-top with me to the In-Laws and do some blogging there, under the guise of ‘writing my novel’. What do you guys think?

Item – Hugs to my delightful pocket-people, who I treasure with every fibre of my heart.


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