I am back

Anyway. Hello, dear hearts! How are you all? How was your November? Mine was, well, it went. I can’t remember entirely. It was a bit of a limbo month. I wrote a fair bit, and I sulked because I had writer’s block a fair bit, and it was H’s birthday and I bought him a good fancy dinner and tickets to a show, because I am simply lovely.

So, I shall have to tell you all about Metformin, Isn’t It Weird? And Why Is My Period ALWAYS BLOODY DUE At The Most Inconvenient Times? And Christmas, The Season Of Goodwill and PTSD. And Looking For Second Opinions. Such fun! But I shan’t tell you right now, because it is 10pm and I had the most hellish commute today (weather. We British don’t do weather. We do chaotic panic at the first snowflake, though, and with gusto). This is just a post in which I run in and give you all hugs and kisses and we all squeee.


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