Busy week

That’s my excuse…

Completely not thought about what I would write this week. When sitting down to do so this evening I did have one idea and started on my merry way  writing about inspiration and motivation and then had a vague sensation that I’d written something about this topic before… That’s fine, I thought, I can link to it… Found the post in the archives and realised that covered all I was going to say and more… not a bad post actually, don’t think I’d have written it as well this evening.

So, I resorted to hunting around for a meme I hadn’t done and found this one:

1. Where is your cell phone? Plugged in getting charged for the week ahead (well the 2 days it usually lasts)
2. Where is your significant other? In the other room NaNoWriMo-ing
3. Your hair color? Blonde – always has been.
4. Your mother? Artistic, but has never really let herself explore her talents.
5. Your father? Musical. Busy.
6. Your favorite thing? Tough one – love my iPhone & iPad, but the thing I hate to leave the house without and would dash back in to save (assuming May is already safe) from the hypothetical inferno is the ring May gave me for our 6th anniversary.
7. Your dream last night? I rarely remember my dreams, if I do they are usually rather strange
8. Your dream/goal? Largish house somewhere close enough to civilisation for good broadband, but far enough away from the hubbub for peace and quite.
9.The room you’re in? Study/spare room, rather cluttered with domestic appliance boxes and work shirts that need ironing.
10. Your hobby? A year ago I would have said photography in a flash (hahaha, sorry), but I’ve lost my imaging inspiration; so for now I’ll stick with singing, as I seem to be involved in three choirs at the moment.
11. Your fear? Losing control; no idea what of – and as others have pointed out it’s all an illusion anyway. It’s under active discussion with my therapist anyway.
12. Where do you want to be in six years? That house would be nice…
13. Where were you last night? Out singing in a concert, sorry I cannot be more specific.
14. What you’re not? Out of work (which I could easily be at the moment)
15. One of your wish list items? Benda Bilili DVD
16. Where you grew up? Dorset.
17. The last thing you did? Wrote the word ‘Dorset’… caught up with the first episode of season two of the BBC drama ‘The Hour’
18. What are you wearing? Wedding ring, hair elastic, purple t-shirt, dark grey sweatshirt, light-blue briefs, black tracksuit bottoms and purple slippers.
19. Your T.V.? 32″ Samsung LED, a great investment – has lasted well and is just the right size for our place.
20. Your pets? A de Broglie–Bohm kitten
22. Your mood? Somewhere between Meh and OK
23. Missing someone? Grandfather who died earlier this year.
24. Your car? Hired when we need it… if we move out of town and had to get one, then I would very, very seriously consider electric.
25. Something you’re not wearing? A watch. Haven’t owned one for years.
26. Favorite store? Apple
27. Your Summer? Too brief
28. Love someone? Very much.
29. Your favorite color? Blue or purple.
30. Last time you laughed? Listened to The Bugle earlier
31. Last time you cried? Children in Need – yes, they extracted money from my wallet


7 responses to “Busy week

  • a

    I, too, am a fan of purple!

  • manapan

    I’ve always had a rather vivid picture in my head of what I thought you and May would look like. I was so wrong about you! Blonde and enough hair for an elastic did not figure into the portrait.

    • H

      Sorry to disillusion you, but I am intrigued about your vivid picture…

      • manapan

        I always thought you’d be about 6’1″ and thin, sort of Rowan Atkinson’s body type. A long oval face, kind of like David Schwimmer’s, but with one pronounced dimple and the cleanly shaved chin of a young John Cleese. Zach Braff’s nose. One slightly protruding ear. A shy, closed mouth smile, with thin lips. Large, expressive brown eyes with crazily long eyelashes and a strong brow. Short, slightly wavy, medium brown hair parted on the right side — the type that would look perfect on a businessman with a dark suit. It wouldn’t be what you wanted, but it would be for Fitting In at work. Contact lenses, tatty old blue jeans, dark red sneakers, and a well-worn T-shirt and hoodie to complete the picture.

        I’ve always thought May would be about 5’5″ with bodacious curves. A bit of a tummy, but still thinner and more fit than your average American woman. A face like Mayim Bialik’s, but with thinner brows, chubby cheeks, a much shorter chin, and a bigger smile with thick, pouty lips. Large, bright blue eyes behind unassuming faux-tortoise shell frames. Hair that’s thick and curly like Keri Russell’s, but black and about waist length, and tied back to hide the awesome. Wearing a black pencil skirt, simple white blouse, blue cardigan, and animal print ballerina flats.

  • Lilian

    I would just like to say that I’m proud of myself for knowing what a de-Broglie-Bohm kitten was without having to look it up. Sad, I know…

  • Korechronicles

    I like the way you included the cat. And purple is a big favourite of mine also. And just this very day, our slightly bigger, for we are poorer of eyesight than you young whippersnappers, Samsung LED was moved across the room to it’s very own place on a swivelly thing on the wall. Now I can watch from the kitchen.
    Envy you with the singing. There is something about the way that choral singing pulls together all the little fragments of self that are lurching around the universe in an ADD frenzy into a calm and balanced harmony. Well, it does for me, mileage may vary. Keep writing H, and keep May at it as well.

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