Results. Nevertheless baffling.

My endometrial biopsy! It has been all the way to California, and now it has sent me a postcard!

Item – Late secretory endometrium POD 9-10. Which is interesting, because I vaguely thought I was 12 dpo that day, but then, I am not very sure which day I ovulated that cycle. Really, I’m not. I could’ve been 9-10 days. But then I’d’ve had a ten-day luteal phase and I tend not to, you know. How accurate are these tests anyway?

Item – No evidence of inflammatory changes. Yay!

Item – No evidence of necrosis. Yay!

Item – No evidence of hyperplasia or atypia. Yay!

Item – 1-2 CD57+ cells identified. Now these (I have been googling) are the uterine version of killer cells of doom, I think, and the fewer there are the better. The ‘comment’ part of the results reports that ‘CD57+ cells are not increased and goes on to mention ‘appropriate tissue reactivity with the CD57 monoclonal antibody’. This is a yay, right?

Item – 4-5 FoxP3+ cells identified. These are regulatory cells that contol immune reaction, and are therefore things one rather does want wandering about the uterus. The comments state that they sugest ‘adequate stromal regulatory activity’.

Therefore Cute Ute the Destroyer is not actually that destructive an environment for tiny embryos in and of herself. My immune system generally is the mimsy, bastard, quisling fuck in this one. That, or I am consistently making embryos out of dead trees, bits of mud and spit. Or possibly both. *Wanders off into the middle distance to bang her head on the side of the bath for a while*


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