Sudden excess of headache

Having spent yesterday getting joyously blotto in a friend’s back garden, on the hottest day of summer so far, surrounded by people who were also getting quite irresponsible on Pimms (google is dangerous when strong drink has been taken, as are multiple smartphones, natural curiosity, and an unfortunate turn of conversation regarding the mating habits of pandas. I also learnt what a unicorn chaser is, and quite how much I would need one. All we had was Pimms. Which is exactly why I have a headache today), I did not spend this morning composing the long straightened explanation of Dr Expensive’s Better Living By Chemistry experiment.

This evening, I am not composing it either because I have just found out that Trouble has become so unhappy and unable to cope she voluntarily admitted herself to a clinic. This is on an ‘unexpected’ par with Ben Goldacre announcing he has become Brian Cox’s personal homeopath. Trouble has always regarded Psychology as a heap of nonsense, and has always been bright enough to run rings round any counsellor she ever was nagged into seeing, which never exactly enhanced her respect for the profession. So, err, well. Golly.

(I knew Trouble was, well, troubled. It didn’t seem my story to tell, so I didn’t tell it. It’s one thing bitching sisterly-fashion about our differences (and she has eight-bazillion perfectly justified anecdotes of her own about The Many Ways In Which May Is Tiresome), and quite another to discuss her demons for her).

I don’t know what to think about anything at the moment, so I shan’t think anything about anything except my plan to get my GP re-prescribe me at least some of the medication at NHS prices.

P.S. – Minx is being doted on by relations for a while. So I needn’t panic about that.


6 responses to “Sudden excess of headache

  • a

    Glad to hear Minx is being well-cared-for, and I hope that Trouble has decided to stop running rings around counsellors. Maybe she will even let them help her.

    I have been many places on the internet where a unicorn chaser would have been well merited.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Sending virtual hugs to Trouble, who perhaps is not entirely on the money about psychology being a heap of nonsense, poor girl, and hugs + paracetomol + cool compresses to May.

    Anything I need to know about the mating habits of pandas…? I have a strong head and can quickly google (OH, so dangerous, but sooooo addictive) cute puppies if I need to reverse the effect.

  • manapan

    I am hoping for good things for both you and Trouble now.

    And I agree, I need to know about the mating habits of pandas. Being Manapan and all, which is of course short for Amanda Panda, I feel as though there is something I am missing. 🙂

  • lovesforpetal

    Oh dear. Pandas aren’t rapey, are they? Like ducks? I thought the mating habits of pandas were sort of like the laundry folding habits of men- as in, they need an awful lot of coaxing to get started, aren’t likely to finish the job, and can’t do it properly anyway?

  • Twangy

    Sending Trouble encouraging vibes and good wishes..
    Hoping she gets the help she seeks and May gets an oasis of peace.

  • Korechronicles

    Have nothing at all to say on the mating habits of Pandas as lovesforpetal seems to have cornered the market on that particular habit. Also, Pimms. Does not seem like hard likker but certainly gives the liver a good run for its money if the resultant dehydration of the brain is anything to go by.

    Sorry that Trouble is a continuing worry. Hope she gets things sorted, for hers, yours and young Minx’s sake. Soonest, if you are listening Universe. Hugs, genuine Italian expresso coffee and a warm blanket from me.

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