This one is very snivelling indeed

The Period turned up on schedule on Sunday morning (I awoke, and found blood, luckily not on the sheets), and as predicted I spent the rest of Sunday in considerable pain, vomiting by evening, and then vomiting all day Monday even when the pain was more-or-less under control with regular doses of diclofenac and tramadol. So I ate exactly nothing for 50-odd hours, and only drank in tiny sips until Monday evening (and I’m quite sure not many of those tiny sips made it past my stomach, to be grotesquely honest).

Strangely enough, therefore, I am feeling very weak and dizzy today. Even though today I managed several rice-cakes, three cups of tea, a glass of very dilute mango juice and two squares of black chocolate. The last item a mistake, as I felt queasy again directly after, but so far they’ve stayed down. I thought I could do with the calories, eheu.

So. Yes. I am whining about my periods. Again. I think I’m entitled.


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