I’ve even been busy

It’s been how long since I last posted? Holy crap.

I think my blogging mojo has not only been snagged in my angst-tangles but throttled. I shall have to bury it at the bottom of the garden and see if I can find a new one in John Lewis.

Anyway. Yes. I do have things to tell you. Let me tell you them:

Item – H is now seeing a counsellor. Once a week, he trots off early so he can get in a good ol’ mind-reaming before work. My reactions to any insights he has passed on to me from this process have been about one third ‘oh! How interesting!’, one third ‘WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT OH MY GOD YOUR COUNSELLOR IS A GENIUS!’ and one third massive eye-roll because I’ve been trying to point that (whatever ‘that’ was) out to H for about nine years now. So, yeah, I think I approve of the counsellor, but am slightly wrung about the withers by her knack for inserting information into H’s brain, whereas I just bounce information off his skull until we both lose our tempers. Anyone would think she was a trained professional or something.

Item – A few months ago Womb for Improvement emailed me details of the Immunology and Recurrent Miscarriage/Infertility expert she went to see in December. I clutched the information to my chest and then shilly-shallied about with it, as I do, while waiting to see if the NHS were going to do anything other than fat-shame me and lose my blood-test results. NHS promptly fat-shamed me and then lost my latest set of blood-test results (FSH and oestrogen, taken in March). So I told H to set us up an appointment, and he did, and we are going to see this expert on Wednesday.

Item – And why am I going to yet another world-renowned miscarriage expert? Well, because The World-Famous Book-Writing Professor’s solution of ‘lose more weight, here’s some aspirin’ seems to have Not Worked, in that I am Not Pregnant, and haven’t been for 18 months, which is fucking infertile behaviour right there. And my allergies have got markedly, infuriatingly worse, which makes me twitch. Clearly my immune system is in hysterics (hysterics! See what I did there!). How can it not be relevant? I Declare My Immune System Relevant!

Item – Speaking of immune insanity, I now cannot take white wine not even cooked in risotto. Two mouthfuls of fancy delicious risotto at nice Italian restaurant with my in-laws, and I had to flee to the bathrooms to clutch my stomach and groan like a door-hinge in Dracula’s castle. Also, the roof of my mouth swelled, and my lips and throat became violently itchy. It was fun, dudes. So, list currently stands at:

  • White wine (very much so)
  • Red wine (less so, some wines actually drinkable, others not at all) (And yet, I can eat fresh grapes! Make sense, damn you!)
  • Beer/lager/stout (wheat-and-gluten-free lager I had a few weeks ago was fine. It even tasted fine.
  • Honey. Cooked, raw, in small quantities in other foods, all bad
  • Raspberries
  • Bananas
  • Kiwis
  • Hazelnuts
  • Walnuts, to a lesser extent
  • Wheat (not so much the burning itching, yes so much the violently inflated gut and concommitant painful belching and groaning

Item – So, aspirin. I tried an experiment this month. I took 75mg of aspirin every day from about a week after my period started. A lot of women with RPL are put on low-dose aspirin throughout their entire cycle. It’s cheap, it has very few side-effects, and if I have thrombophilia at the best of times, well, I’m getting frantic, here. It did not delay ovulation. I am not pregnant. I was still in considerable pain for over a week after the end of my period (giving me nearly three weeks of daily cramps. Hurrah!), so it didn’t help with that, but then I wasn’t really expecting it to. However, ovulation itself didn’t really hurt. I had pain a few days before I ovulated, but pin-pointing the day itself was a bugger, as my temperatures were all over the place (too many lie-ins) and I just didn’t GET the terribly stabby I-am-burst moment (hour. Day. You know). Which was weird.

Item – Period due any second now, so that’s Sunday screwed and Monday (I was going to go to a concert on Monday) buggered and Tuesday ballsed up and I am just praying I will be able to go to this expensive private appointment with expensive private specialists. Do you think it would help if I turned up in his office eau-de-nil in the face and then passed out on seeing the bill?


12 responses to “I’ve even been busy

  • a

    Your immune system is in an uproar! That sounds horrible. But a different specialist sounds like a decent idea.

  • Valeryvaleryvalentina

    G*roaning like a door hinge* Clearly some mojo bubbled up.
    Glad that counsellor isn’t declaring the opposite of what you have been saying. H, are you feeling any lighter yet?
    Boo for the risotto, and more boo for the list growing. Allergy for nuts doesn’t help going glutenfree I think.
    Stroking your hair today from between my stripy bedlinens.

  • Hat

    RE counsellor… please dont make mistake my Driver used to make, and take such an issue with things if anyone else told me similar to what he was saying and I got it when other said it but not when he did. Sometimes its delivery, sometimes its just too close to the problem.
    For me I had a friend who understood because of shared experiences so when he gave me advice on certain situations it stuck a lot better than when Driver did. And when I went to a counsellor my I was exctatic to have a chance to explain my complexity and what ever she said was sacred, even if Driver had said it before.

  • manapan

    That allergy is scary. Do you have an allergy plan in place in case your entire mouth closes off? Breathing is kind of crucial.

    Good luck with the new specialist!

  • The Sheila

    If it’s the same guy WFI saw, then it’s the same guy I went to. Be aware that you won’t get much out of the first appointment – he will ask you dozens of questions, so be well prepared and bring the result of every test you’ve had since you started trying (leaving aside those lost by the NHS!). The value will come from the results of his tests. He found stuff in me that three other doctors had missed and I became pregnant with the next IVF cycle (which I did separate from him but used the protocol he recommended – high dose clexane, high dose folic acid, steroids, intralipids). Also be prepared to have little change from £1,500 if you decide to do all his tests…. He’s very expensive but worth it because he will test absolutely everything.

    Good luck!

  • jjiraffe

    I’m sorry about your allergies. Those sound brutal. Glad the counseling is helping…

  • twangy

    Oh, gawd, May, really? Niente vino bianco? And so many other things? You poor girl. A visit to the expert sounds very timely at this point. And here let me howl once more in frustration at this maddeningly secret life our organs have going on. Why can’t we KNOW, it’s the fecking 21st century.

    And, H’s counsellor, I salute you! More of this sort of thing!

  • Betty M

    Sounds like you need an allergist to add to your list of specialists given expensive ivf man wont be able to do much about them. Sounds grim and rather odd that it the list of foods is so diverse and growing.

  • Elizabeth :: Bébé Suisse

    Grapes but not wine, even cooked in risotto? Now that’s just plain unfair.
    Here’s hoping the new expert has advice that goes beyond weight loss and aspirin. The NHS sounds like it deserves the kicking to the curb you’re going to be giving it.

  • thalia

    I’m with Betty and although I hate to add to your list of expensive medical appointments, think you need an allergist as well. That list sucks.

  • Womb For Improvement

    Hope the appointment today was useful/ interesting/ didn’t throw you into a massive quandry of what the fuck? xx

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