For anyone having issues with commenting on this and other WordPress blogs…

WordPress are looking into it! jjiraffe blogged about the problems, and a WordPress person responded, and is looking into the issues.

Hurrah! They listen! I kiss their noses! And much kudos for jjiraffe too.


10 responses to “For anyone having issues with commenting on this and other WordPress blogs…

  • jjiraffe

    Thanks! I am so pleased they are taking this so seriously…

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    On the occasions I do actually have all the blog-writing stars of Time, Inclination and Something To Say all in alignment, I remember that WordPress has been, and still is, a complete fucking tit. And decide not to bother. I can do without getting THAT angry just for shits & giggles. It used to be good! It worked! After a fashion. WHY TINKER WITH IT, WORDPRESS? WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING?

    And now? I can’t see what I’ve typed because the FUCKING COMMENT BOX is not enlarging with my text correctly, so I am typing underneath my own stupid puerile icon and the Log Out Change W text. BASTARDBASTARDBASTARDBASTARD! GAH!

    • May

      Does it do this in ALL browsers? Because I’d never seen this problem until I tried work’s geriatric version of Internet Explorer, which basically said to me ‘this is a what now? A blog? What on earth is a blog, you hip young thing?’

    • Amy P

      But how do you *really* feel about it?


  • Valery Valentina

    let’s see if anything changed now (although I think I still need to login to my unknown WP account ?) test test….

    • Valery Valentina

      yep, login still needed, but previous comment is not gone. And my display name didn’t change either. (it did that as well at some stage I believe)

      • May

        They’re not changing the log-in thingy, because apparently people have been stealing others’ identities to make malicious comments. But I have enabled Totally Anonymous Commenting, No Email Required, so you could do that…

  • g

    I hadn’t noticed. I am hanging my head in shame for clearly not commenting enough.


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