Spare me

I’m taking a third day off work [wince], because I am still in a lot of pain, and because Holy Hell am I ever bleeding. One super-plus-extra Bichon Frise tampon an hour, like clockwork. And I don’t ‘overflow’ with a little trickle, oh no. It’s like a tap being turned on. I haven’t bled this much for months and months. I mean, my periods are always heavy, but this is ridiculous.

I feel somewhat weary and frail (also, my lips have gone white).

I tell you this so you can all tell me my feelings of guilt about missing work are entirely misplaced and footling. Please? Or I shall beat myself up all afternoon.


15 responses to “Spare me

  • QoB

    No-one in work wants you bichon-frisé-standard bleeding all over the books, woman!
    Do not beat yourself up, your haemological (?) system has enough to do:)

  • a

    Dude, I take off work because I just don’t feel like showing up. You should never feel guilty about missing work when you have a reason that can even barely be considered legitimate. I think you have good reason. Also, have a steak or some spinach or something.

  • a

    One more thing: It doesn’t sound like you can spare the broken blood vessels to bruise, so no beating yourself up.

  • MFA Mama

    WOMAN. If you can’t stop yourself bleeding everywhere there is NO WAY IN HELL you belong at work. They’re British there, too, yes? Which means they do NOT want to have to inform you you have a little something on the back of your pants. No no no. Not a bit.

  • sharah

    White lips? No, no, no you should not be at work.

  • Amy P

    If, in fact, you stated you were going to work despite bleeding like a river, you’d likely have half the internet yelling at you 😛


    On another note, since this amount of bleeding is a bit much, even for you, perhaps you should get checked out if it doesn’t slow down soon?

  • bionicbrooklynite

    oh, no, no. i’m sure they’d much rather have you in there, bleeding and fainting all over the place. i’m sure they are just DYING to stand about awkwardly over your unconscious form, trying to decide what clothing counts as constrictive enough to require loosening and frantically googling how to get blood stains out of industrial carpeting. such pleasures you deny your colleagues, selfish one!

    lady, i am sorry you’re in this state. it seems not only Not Right from a moral perspective, but also a medical one. however, given that you are in this state, please do my poor worrying heart a favor and stay home. don’t make me pay for international rates to call the train authorities and tell them to look for you and return you home for your own safety and the sake of your colleagues’ delicate psyches. (“you know, MAY. you don’t know her? um, look for someone with white lips. she’s very smart and funny and has only one ovary. surely that’s enough of a description. oh, and she’s deft with literary allusion. just send her home, will you?”)

  • HairyFarmerWifey

    Sweetheart, they pay you to be clever and efficient and glare over your glasses at young idiots. Or something approximating to that. And you are Very, Very good at being clever and efficient and Glaring At Idiots. When you are not about to fall over.

    When you ARE about to fall over – and you patently are (were! late to party!) – you stay in bed.

    Bed! Shoo!

    And I am sorry it is one of THOSE months. Gah.

  • Cathy

    like they all said – your colleagues don’t want you to bleed or faint in front of them

  • kylie

    Stay home. relax (far as it is possible).

    If it is paid sick leave, the easiest question to ask is “would I be any use if I came in to work?” and if the answer is a maybe, or a no, stay home.

  • Twangy

    Place head on pillow, May, emptying it of guilty thoughts first, of course.

    PLEASE don’t worry about work!
    White lips, cookie, white lips don’t lie.

  • wombattwo

    I am utterly convinced that your colleagues do not wish you to bleed everywhere and faint and puke over them. As well as the awkwardness, it’s messy.

    Stay in bed, drink tea, have plenty of hot water bottles and consider yourself legitimately off work. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Lilian

    Stay at home. Do not feel guilty.

    You are taking iron supplements, aren’t you?

    Also, what Amy P said about getting this bleeding checked out.

  • Korechronicles

    Sick leave is for when you are sick. Bleeding like proverbial stabbied omnivorous non-ruminant mammal of the family Suidae to white lippedness? Sick. QED.

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