Tired woman is sick and tired of being sick and tired

A second week of painful, pointless cramps is drawing to a whiny, pointless close, chez May. Dear God, peeps, I am so sick of this. Ow.

Incidentally (do I mean ‘incidentally’? Probably I do not. I am too tired to go and check what I really mean. We’ll have to wing it) – incidentally, did I tell you my left Fallopian tube is stuck to my lower bowel? I mean, I didn’t even know I had a left Fallopian tube – I thought I’d lost most of it when I lost my left ovary to a gigantic rogue teratoma that twisted and ruptured when I was 18. However, when I last saw Miss Consultant, the other week, she showed me photographs of my innards, and lo-and-behold most of my left tube is still there – I only lost the fimbria. The tube, disconcertingly, is stuck firmly down to my descending colon in a frankly graceless zig-zag. Miss Consultant didn’t seem particularly bothered by it – after all, it’s not as if I use that tube for anything these days – but it occurs to me, do you think it might be painful to have, well, basically an extension of your bloated and much troubled uterus glued to your lower bowel? As in a regular, reccuring viciously stabbing burning pain, worse during menstruation and the follicular phase when everything is being oestrogenic and sucky anyway? Any thoughts? Because, OW THE FUCKING FUCK.

Anyhoodle, I am in pain and very tired and oh my word I am cranky. Cranky is an interestingly cute term for border-line psychotic, isn’t it?

H is feeling a bit better, if not Quite The Thing – his distressed belly has a tendency to make a noise like elderly plumbing contending with the radiators in an underfunded stately home – and he will be going back to the doctor’s in a few days time for blood-test results and what-have-you. Between us we’re not exactly Happy McClappy The Picture Of Health, eh?

I will spare you eighty-seven bitter paragraphs on the matter of sex, sex when trying to get pregnant for the sixth Goddamn year in a row, sex when feeling under-the-weather, sex when one is a ‘habitual’ miscarrier, and, grandiloquently, sex when all-of-the-above. But it’s not pretty.

I wish I wasn’t so tired. I have several things I want to blog about and no bloody energy. H and I went for a walk today and when we got home I did some washing up and after that I felt like I’d gone three rounds with Mike Tyson and I don’t like it.


7 responses to “Tired woman is sick and tired of being sick and tired

  • a

    Can they do anything to disentangle that fallopian tube, or is it not worth the risk?

    Hope you’re all healthy soon…

  • twangy

    Poor you. Poor H. That sounds like utter misery. Many hugs.

    (Isn’t ‘incidentally’ a handy word? I don’t quite know what it’s supposed to mean but it works for me as ‘Warning! Abrupt change of/switch to related subject approaching! Hang on to your bearings!’)

  • Dr Spouse

    I guess it depends if the tube also gets inflamed/changes with each cycle? Because if it just sits there and does nothing (or, is inflamed all the time) it wouldn’t cause cyclical pain?

  • Lilian

    Might it be mentioning the tube to Mrs Consultant next time you see her? Just to try and set your mind slightly more at rest, if nothing else.

    Re: exhaustion: are you taking extra iron? Sorry, you’ve probably talked about this before but I have a bad memory.


  • Lilian

    Obviously I meant to write “Might it be *worth* mentioning….”

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Ooo, photos of innads! I still haven’t seen mine. They are in my main hospital notes, which only get filled in by Drs I don’t know when I am miscarrying; all the Drs I know well enough to say Oi! Show me! tote the CRM notes instead. It’s most frustrating. Not, I suspect, as frustrating as wondering if your stuck fallopian tube is causing the Ouchies, though.

    My dearest, suffering May. My poor, borborygmi-stricken H. I proffer careful, warm hugs. I think the Tired may well have to do with being in pain and discomfort for a significant proportion of the time. Nothing brings you down, mentally and physically, than pain that won’t let up. And you have so much to cope with, no wonder you’re feeling done in. It sounds… like holiday time for May & H?

  • Bionic Baby Mama

    well double-you tee eff, why didn’t she un-stick it, then?

    some people!

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