In isolation

Item – H has gone down to see his family, because waiting around here for news was making him antsy, and an antsy H is a misery to himself and others. This isn’t a desperate last-chance dash, before you all panic on our behalf. If it were, I’d’ve gone with him. It’s just an ant-removing expedition. Updates when H returns on Sunday evening.

Item – Speaking of which, now that H is 100 miles away and reliant on the trains to get home again tomorrow, it is snowing. Of course it is.

Item – The snow is exceedingly pretty.

Item – British trains are singularly craptastic in any weather that is not between 10C and 25C, bone-dry, and windless. Also, they cannot cope with leaves on the line, sheep on the line, llamas on the line, and the signal boxes are prone to both freezing in cold weather and sticking in hot weather. I think they make them out of damp chewed string and toffee. It is entirely possible that I now won’t see H until Tuesday. I hope he took my fussbiscuiting to heart and packed spare underpants.

Item – My appointment with Miss Consultant is on Tuesday *gives the weather the stink-eye*.

Item – Meanwhile, in matters internal, my period is due on Thursday, so well done Satsuma for pulling herself together and producing an egg last week even though it was January and none of us could be arsed to do anything at all except bitch, snivel and whinge, in between headaches and temper tantrums.

Item – Having the flat to myself, I spent the day watching rugby, knitting, and yattering away on FB. It was splendidly relaxing. And now, because I am deep-down really about fifteen years old, I am going to stay up really late and watch silly movies. Hurrah!


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