I tried.

So, there was this 2000-word post all about Christmas chez May and H’s various in-laws and out-laws. Mostly written between various midnights and one-in-the-mornings, and, of course, marvellous witty and eloquent.

And last night I finally pressed ‘publish’, and WordPress grandly announced it couldn’t update my post. So I pressed ‘try again’ and it took me back to a nice blank ‘Add New Post’ page.

So I used Language Unbecoming To My Mother-In-Law’s Sitting Room, and went to bed.

Anyway, I aten’t dead or anything, but I do not have time just at present to re-write the bloody thing all over again, what with sofa-bed in In-Laws’ sitting room etcetera and so forth.

Hugs and good wishes to you all,

Your somewhat disgruntled May.


12 responses to “I tried.

  • twangy

    Oooh. Grr, wordpress, you enchanter, you cheat! I feel your pain, finding myself presently in Printer Hell.

    Happy you are still in the land of the living, indeed.

  • hairyfarmer@tiscali.co.uk

    That is EXACTLY how I lost my post, too. Once WordPress has done its (new?) trick of sneakily automatically logging you out, the only thing you can do is cry. And, in future, copy and paste, as that seems to be the only way of retaining your text.

    The software seems buggy as hell lately. For instance, I’m not sure if it’s WP or my new PC, which is a bit of a shit, but it won’t let me log in to WP to leave this comment. If I click the WP icon, I am presented with a log-in box that goes completely blank and unaccepting of cursor when I actually hover over it. Hence my new habit of Anonymous Contributions. (How’d you guess it was me?!)

    I hunger for your Christmas words! But, re-writing what you have already written is the ultimate in Bummers. Je absolutely comprends. Poor Jilly Cooper: left Riders on the bus, and had to spent years rewriting!

    • hairyfarmer@tiscali.co.uk

      I managed, blind, to manoevre the cursor into a box I thought might be the middle email one. SORT IT OUT, WORDPRESS!

  • a

    And I thought Blogger was bad – at least it hasn’t eaten any of my fabulous (*snort*) posts yet.

    Fruuuuustrating! Glad to hear you’ve survived the week, though.

  • katie

    This happens all the time with my carefully worded comments that are longer than my posts. At least, that’s my story.

  • Betty M

    Not cool WordPress. Looking forward to a précis in due course.

  • Emily Erin

    *Scratches head* I thought that you weren’t going to the in-laws on account of the whole exploding uterus of doom?? Well, I hope that you’re managing nicely and I look forward to whatever you plan to share with us next…

  • Korechronicles

    WordPress is the work of very devil and has done this to me once or twice with my cleverly worded and oh-so-witty comments. I generally spit the dummy and sulk off because I am so certain that any second attempt will be inferior in every way. For a while I was highlighting my text and Command C -ing before hitting Post or Publish. That way if it went pear shaped I still had my words of wisdom on the clipboard.

    Since I have been conspicuous by my absence on my blog I would have forgotten this charming feature of WordPress when I next attempted a post. Thanks for the reminder.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration. Hugs and warm wished to you both.

  • Korechronicles

    “Wishes…” My keyboard cannot spell.

  • wombattwo

    Grrr! Bad wordpress! Am distraught!
    Hoping you have a very happy, peaceful and productive 2012 x

  • g

    OOhhh, I know that exact feeling. It’s why I copy my post before I ever hit publish these days. Much angst ensues when wordpress eats things.

    I know your post would have been fabulous had the internet not eaten it.


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