Good news! And now I shall whine anyway

Good news! The medical interventions have helped enormously, and H’s Grandfather is rather better. They’re even hoping to send him home to enjoy Christmas in his own favourite arm-chair.

The relief. I feel all limp.

Of course, he’s not and will never be cured – he is seriously ill (out of respect to H’s family’s privacy, also my own anonymity, I’m feeling leery of posting details), and he’s old and frail (if amazingly compos mentis), and this is a reprieve only.

*Has a little weep, blows nose, gets grip*

Anyway. Christmas is on.

Annoying news! My period is due on Boxing Day. When we’ll be going to stay with the In-Laws for Festive Socialising. Hurrah! And H is horrified at the very idea of trying to drive for 150 miles with me puking with gong-like regularity next to him. No idea what to do about this. The metoclopramide my GP prescribed doesn’t always work. I am getting rather pissed off with feeling the first ripple of ick, taking the stupid tablet, and half-and-hour later dry-heaving for twenty minutes anyway.

And H has a bad cold and feels miserable and spends his nights making noises like a disgruntled buffalo on loop.

And my job is veering wildly between interesting and amusing (nice colleagues, you know) and stressful, dull, prolonged, and annoying (the other colleagues, you know). I have whiplash. And haven’t reached home before 7:30pm all week. Augh.


6 responses to “Good news! And now I shall whine anyway

  • Bionic

    Oh, I aso glad to hear about h’s grandad! I have been thinking and fretting and hoping, despite my utter failure to let you know about same.

    Boxing day with in-laws sounds wretched enough without actual retching. I hearby excuse you.

  • a

    Glad to hear that H’s grandfather is better. That is excellent news – and should set the tone for a much more festive Christmas. Hope there is no puking…

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Hurrah for H-Senior-Senior’s recovery; may he remain at the tip-top of the very best health that can be hoped for him.

    (I think a disgruntled buffalo may well be my actual spirit animal; it seems… RIGHT, somehow.)

    I desire mush feshtive soshallizing *hic* for May & H, and absolutely no unpleasantness in the way of haemorrhagey vomit-ness. I appreciate that wishes are not horses (oh, my dear, if they were! *sings ‘she sent you a racehorse for Christmas’ a la Peter Sarstedy-bloke-styley) but I AM hoping, nevertheless.

    TOad, work, etc. Bah.

  • Womb For Improvement

    So glad he isn’t going to be stuck in an anonymous hospital all Christmas.

  • QoB

    Very very glad to hear that the armchair will not be without granddad this Christmas:)

  • Korechronicles

    Glad to hear that the internet good wishes and some competent NHS practitioners have worked their magic on grandad. Now if we could just harness them to wreak some magic for you and H!

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