Anxiety, unexpected

This year’s Grand Christmas Crisis (what? It’s a tradition now chez May) is being provided by H’s grandfather, who is seriously ill in hospital right now. All our festive plans may be completely derailed at a moment’s notice, and damn it, it’s not fair, on H’s parents, his grandmother, and the patient himself. Christmas is a tough time for H’s lot anyway (anniversaries of several tragic, desperately sad deaths). And we both love the man dearly, and H is miserable with worry, and I am miserable for H and his whole family, and a bloody Merry Christmas to you too.

(Of course, it occurred to me, that what with my penchant for for Fucking Up The Holidays, I’m quite likely to go and get pregnant right now this very week and make everything totally 100% more insanely complicated and stressful and depressing than it already is).

(Now that I’ve said that, I shan’t. Sod’s Law. So that’s alright then).


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  • a

    Hoping all will be well with H’s grandfather… It’s about time you two had a nice Christmas for a change.

  • QoB

    Oof. Relatives in hospital at/near Christmas is no fun. At all. (my grandfather was in one Christmas, and the medication make him forget things, like why he was in the hospital, who we were, and that he had to eat, but which was not helped by all the staff calling him by the wrong version of his name, which he had never responded to even when completely compos mentis). If I may offer some assvice **assvice alert** if possible, have at least one member of the family who is medically-savvy ask the questions, and be persistent if the answers aren’t clear or full. And I very very much hope it doesn’t come to this, but if the staff start using phrases like “critical” “not responding to treatment”, it can be very helpful for later if someone knows things like how the hospital deals with palliative care (pain relief, resusciation protocol), is a private room an option, etc etc. Obviously I hope that isn’t the case.
    **assvice over**

    Best wishes to H and to you, and of course to H’s granddad.

    • May

      Assvice much appreciated. H’s grandfather still seems very compos mentis, which is excellent, and asking all the above questions himself at the moment. Despite how ill he is. Thank you for the best wishes.

  • katyboo1

    oh dear. That is awful. I am keeping everything crossed for you. Love to you both. xx

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    *summons all her remaining Good Thoughts and sends them in the direction of H’s Grandad*

    I was convinced that I was on course for a nice Christmas miscarriage, and have been scrutinising peesticks all week. Which have remained stubbornly blank. Which has made me … even more miserable, aktually, because not even my goddamn Pregdar works anymore, ‘pparently. Anyway, point is: I am hoping that this will suffice as enough Reproductive Misery to share between the two of us in December, and that your festive season will be all Smooth Reproductive Running, as well as Rapidly Improving Relatives.

    • May

      Oh, good Lord, woman. Ugh. Many hugs. Can’t the Fates let us have a No Reproductive Misery for Any Of Us Christmas? Bastard Fates. I spit on them. And kick them. In the unwhisperables.

      Huge hug. And another. Also more hug. And tea.

  • Korechronicles

    There’s never a good time for loved ones to develop health crises. Or reproductive disasters. But the high expectations of Peace and Goodwill at Christmas simply add an extra thick dollop of “I Should Be Happy, Why Am I NOT Happy?” to everything. Everything that can be crossed is crossed down here at the bottom of the planet in the hope that there is rapid improvement in the current State of Play. And a special hug to and for Grandad.

    • May

      “And what are you doing for Christmas this year?”
      “Hospital visiting.”

      … [crickets]…

      I shall let him know lovely Australian ladies he has never met are offering him hugs. Might cheer him up. Many hugs to you too.

  • Betty M

    Poor H’s grandad, poor H and poor you too. A truly grim time to be ill. Hope that he pulls round. Please let there be good news on the other front too.

  • twangy

    Oh no. Very sorry to hear that – what a horrible time. And at Christmas, again, which makes me want to go and swear at the sky or something.

    Hugs and good thoughts to you all.

    • May

      Our families have a sort of nack for The Timing, Impeccable, for the release of the Drama Llamas. It’s amazing.

      Let’s go swear at the sky together! It’s big, it can take it.

  • Dr Spouse

    It’s not just the “we should be happy” bit, is it? It’s all the extra hassle, and anxiety about hassle, because of everything being closed, and it being so difficult to get places.

    • May

      We’d had a rush of common sense to the brain, and hired a car for the Holiday Season. And now that we are having Sturm und Drang, I want to give us a Brownie badge for cleverness. Because we, at least, will be able to get places at short notice. Unless it snows *glares at sky*

  • Shannon

    Oh no. Oh May – poor H. Gather him round and give him cuddles and tell him that the world – yes, the entire collective world – is sorry. Truly.

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