Circles the post at the end of her tether

Item – I seem to have segued, seamlessly, from post-surgical bleeding to menstrual bleeding. I am going to be so anaemic when this is over, y’all.

Item – OW. Cramps. OW. OW.

Item – I had a proper shower this morning and changed my dressings. I seem to have two-and-a-half incisions. One in the belly-button, yes, which I was expecting (oh my God the bruising), one on the left side a couple of inches above my hip-bone (mildly surprised – why to the side? Why not central? Was this part of the failed attempt to get under the Cute Ute and excavate?) and then, an inch below the belly-button, a kind of scar which could just be a scratch, or it could be glued rather than stitched. The hell? What? What?

Item – And having a shower wore me the fuck out. I was bruised but fine, and now I am exhausted, crampy, nauseous and dizzy. I’m sure it’s really because my period started this afternoon, but I feel vaguely punished for trying to be a sweet-scented presentable (bruised, bloated, bad-tempered (but I smell of gardenias. That counts, right?)) person.

Item – H has a bad, and seriously disgusting, cold. I have just had surgery and I am getting my period and I think this cold is bad and he has a right to bitch. Therefore, the poor bastard Officially Feels Grim. We are such jolly good company for each other right now.

Item – As soon as I had the attention-span I fired up my google-fu and had an explore of non-surgical, non-conception-preventing treatments for endometriosis (hey, guys! I OFFICIALLY have endometriosis now! W00t!). I promptly fell into An Infinte Ocean of Woo. Infinite. Woo. Crystals. Herbs. Massage. Laying-on-of-Hands. Prayer-Circles. Oh, the hell.

Item – The only promising thing, in that it came up over and over again in less-than-bloody-woo terms, was a link between endometriosis and gluten intolerance. Gentle Readers, I am seriously going to give up wheat and gluten for a few months. I am. Yes, me, the Pasta Maniac. I am at my wits’ end here.

Item – Must go and do some suffering now. Is necessary, apparently.


17 responses to “Circles the post at the end of her tether

  • BigP's Heather

    I’m so sorry for the pain and period. Hope you and H feel better soon.

  • a

    Diet alterations, woo though they might border upon, are often a good place to start. Can’t imagine giving up the wheat though…

    Hope you’re all feeling better soon.

  • Bionic Baby Mama

    that y’all made me giggle.

    sugar’s lap scars are: bellybutton and one under each hip bone, as you describe. so what i want to know is, what’s that one in the middle about? seems better to send light and sharps in from the sides, so there’s some ability to maneuver them, i’d think.

    omg, the endo woo. according to the LESS RIDICULOUS (less!) of my lesbian conception books (shut up), endometriosis is caused by “insufficient self-nurturing.” so if you are going to give up on the pasta for a bit, don’t stint on chocolate.

  • Kylie

    Same two and a half scars for me on the lap op. One of them was for the camera? because that’s the kind of pictures we want in our family album. Along with the drs appt card so I can tell future child that it was conceived at 1:15 on November 20 (or whenever it finally works) without my husband present, but with bonus observing student. ( I am having a bitter and cynical morning)

    Gluten free pasta does exist (can’t guarantee that it tastes good).

  • Emily Erin

    Hoping that dietary changes are the ticket and you are able to move from intolerable suffering to only inconvenient and irritating suffering. I hope that both you and H feel better soon! (Whatever happened to the theatre tickets?) Sending healing ‘woo’ from this corner of the cyber universe.

  • Valery Valentina

    Life without pasta, o dear…
    Since I talk pasta on a regular basis I have heard of people making pasta from spelt for gluten-free friends.
    copy from Wiki says:
    “As it contains a moderate amount of gluten, it is suitable for some baking. Because spelt contains gluten, it is not suitable for people with coeliac disease. Nonetheless, many other people with allergies or intolerances to common wheat can tolerate spelt.
    Spelt flour is becoming more easily available, being sold in British supermarkets since 2007. Spelt is also sold in the form of a coarse pale bread, similar in colour and in texture to light rye breads but with a slightly sweet and nutty flavour. Biscuits and crackers are also produced, but are more likely to be found in a specialty bakery or health food store than in a regular grocer’s shop.

    Spelt pasta is also available in health food stores and specialty shops.”

    Mhm, slightly sweet and nutty, who knows, you might like it.

    Bah for bad cold. And Bah for me thinking you would bleed less because you already lost blood during surgery. Hope you two get well soon.

  • QoB

    As far as I remember from being a support person for a friend, the belly button scar is where they put in the gas – inflating the abdomen makes everything easier to see and maneouvre. And I presume the scar on the side is to check the tube and ovary without having to go past the bladder? It’s kind of odd that they didn’t explain what incisions you’d have, it seems … relevant.

  • manapan

    Oh yes, the woo. I read Single Infertile Female’s attempts to rid herself of endo naturally, which once involved (not joking) squirrel poop tea. She’s done a lot of research into the natural healing methods though, so maybe you could find some help with it over there?

    Hoping you and H both feel better soon.

  • Betty M

    The incision count sounds ok to me. The only one I can still see is one in my belly button. Sorry you are feeling grim albeit scented like a 30s movie star.

    I reckon H has the cold that I have. My commiserations as it is vile.

    In October we went on hols with a coeliac boy and therefore the house went gluten free for the most part (we had the real stuff for breakfast). So we had gluten free cereal, pasta, cakes, brownies and even yorkshire pudding. The pasta isn’t quite as good but if the focus is on the sauce it was entirely bearable.

    Interested to know if the wheat free works. It’s not like anyone is offering much in the non-Woo arena.

  • Dr Spouse

    I just had the belly button scar from my lap’n’dye.

    Make sure you don’t chew the post. Or the tether.

  • Shannon

    You had me at “ya’ll”.

    When you mentioned crystals and laying on of hands, my adoration was complete.

  • twangy

    Tick! I had four incisions, with two over the hips like you. I don’t really know, but I imagine they sort of poke in the camera one side and maybe some other sharp fork-like instrument on the other, in a we’re-eating-fondu-in-the-dark type action. As I say, this is based on nothing, however. Just my demented imaginings.

    So sorry for your suffering. Hoping you all feel better SOON

  • Korechronicles

    Am starting to get paranoid, wordpress has eaten my previous comment here and FB wiped out my birthday greetings to H at the weekend. Could be erratic broadband connection at my end or else I have offended you both in some way. I humbly beg forgiveness for my transgressions, real and imagined.

    Hope you’re feeling better and you are managing to stay calm around your mother’s ministrations. Since my battle with endo/adeno preceded the invention of the Google Machine, and I have since dispensed with that particular organs presence, I was not aware of the gluten intolerence link. I find it interesting indeed as in recent years my regular blood tests have shown coeliac antilbodies circulating but no sign of the actual disease. I feel much better when I can clear gluten from my diet.

    Kylie’s right about the quality variation in GF pasta. And, in Oz at least, chocolate is also out as it is made with glucose derived from wheat. Hopefully, your chocolate makers are using a GF alternative.

    • May

      I have no idea what’s up with wordpress. Or FB, for that matter. I’d sooner slam my fingers in a door than delete a comment of yours without comment on purpose. I am sad now I WANT KORE’S COMMENTS.

  • Laurel

    Giving up pasta does indeed sound awful. But, from all accounts, if you are really having issues with gluten intolerance, you won’t miss it one whit. And fortunately gluten-free products are much easier to come by these days than even five or ten years prior. In a way, it would be a delightfully simple treatment. So, strangely, I am hoping it works for you.

    Overall your news seems more or less as you expected, a mixed bag of mixed bags: good (hope, should be able to get pregnant), bad (living with pain while you try to do so, since the only for-sure cure would also moot the pregnancy thing). So that’s why I hope gluten-free works for you. But I am definitely really glad that they didn’t NOT find anything!

    Hope you get your blood supply back up to “full” soon and that H feels better as well.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to hear about H’s cold and communal misery. And the first period after lap tends to suck more than usual. Be gentle and liberal with pain meds and chocolate as tolerated by queasy stomach.
    As others have said, your lap scars sound about what mine were for my laps. The latest surgeons of mine tried to “match{” the existing scars, so I didn’t have to wrack up the scar count, just have more vivid existing scars. Now that was encouraging.
    Your comments about the endo woo had me laughing out loud. Why yes, it is abundant in endo circles. But your comment about the gluten sensitivity surprised me. And has me cursing like a drunken sailor. My mother was recently diagnosed with celiac, my niece has it,, and yeah, its hereditary. But no, it can NOT be related to my endo. I must have misunderstood you on that.
    When researching celiac for my mom, Amazon has a gluten-free store that had loads of “good” stuff. In the US, Udi’s past ranks as gluten free best, if that’s any help. And I bought my mom a gluten free cook book and bread making machine so she could make gluten free hamburger rolls and bread sticks. But that all had NOTHING to do with me, absolutely nothing.
    Feel better soon, dear May. And H too. . .

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