Satsuma the queen of guilt

I’m sure this has happened to you too. You’re just about to do that thing you said you’d do, whether it’s the washing-up, painting the spare room, or compiling that report-thingy for your boss. Or, you’ve made a start on it even, and have just nipped to the loo and made a cup of tea to power you onwards. And your spouse/mother/boss comes in at right that very moment and, however nicely, has a wee go at you for fannying about with a kettle and not having done it yet.

Bloody infuriating, isn’t it?

Well, Satsuma did ovulate three days ago. Just when I was last nagging her via internet.

No wonder she flips me the bird on a regular basis, poor gonad. The scorn and suspicion I lavish on her, and all the while she’s planning to time things as conveniently as possible. Eheu.


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