You’ll remember that several months ago, H was told that he and all who sailed with him were going to be out of a job come the new year?

I can now, at last, officially announce that H has a new job. Hurrah!

We went to look at his new place of employment last week, and good Lord, there’s some grand offices there. It makes his previous place look like a hutch for dwarf rabbits. Naughty dwarf rabbits who were being punished for whatever it was they did to the nice things. I’m intimidated by the splendour. I wonder how H feels? I can’t tell – all he ever talks about is distributed computing architecture and implementation schedules.

I do so love that man.

In other ‘oh, thank fuckitty, the relief!’, my mother came through her surgery very well. I had a lovely evening of worrying myself to the edge of puke, ringing my step-Dad and sister over and over again with no answer, until I finally got hold of Trouble, who chirruped ‘why, were you worried?’ at me in a manner so startlingly annoying I was reduced to outraged silence for minutes.

But all is well, and Mum is OK, and they didn’t find anything terrifying in there, and now we shall all relax.

Oh, and I had my annual review thingy at work, and that also went very well. My boss is tigerishly protective of me and my health, and told me my productivity when I am at work is so high it more than makes up for the absences. This was such a nice thing to say I had to go and have a little cry in the stationary cupoard afterwards.

So despite the fact I’m as crampy as heck and the Crimson Tide is rushing towards me like a tidal wave, I feel quite chipper this evening.


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