Daily Archives: September 18, 2011

Stand down, Forces of Righteousness

Oh, I have a happy. I called my mother again, to make myself feel worse, no doubt, and to my inordinate joy she told me that my sister Trouble will be making herself useful in the nursing-and-tea-making capacities after all.

Hurrah! My sister is all grown-up!

So we have a schedule. As soon as Mum gets out of hospital, Trouble will look after her (I will be indisposed). As for Trouble’s other commitments, a friend will come over for one of those days. Then H and I are going down on Sunday (when I am hopefully redisposed), and then one of my many aunties will stay with her for a few days, and by then Mum should be much better and able to lift her own kettle.

And I will have to do very little indeed and certainly none of it while exsanguinating and off my face on tramadol. Yay!

I note my step-Dad is still being about as much use as a chocolate fire-guard. It’s because he was sent to boarding-school at the age of five, I’m morally certain.

Anyhow. I feel ever so much better.

*Twiddles fingers*