Unfortunate interlude

Could be worse, could be better. On the good side, despite a rather long and painful day yesterday, the anti-emetic drug worked, and I puked not even once (though I did feel rather sick from time to time, and ate the grand total of one bowl of chicken soup). I feel even better today, pain being at the level where I can make my own tea and bitch about it. I even get an occasional hour or so when nothing much hurts at all. I like those. And I ate a bagel this morning. Yay!

On the bad side, I don’t think there’s anything left in my veins but tea and ginger ale after last night. I noticed I was bleeding heavily before I went to bed. It took less than two hours to completely flood the gigantic super-long extra-heavy overnight sanitary towel I was wearing, so I leapt up and changed (dreadful moment on the loo when the blood was running out of me like tap-water and I thought I was going to pass out), and then took an unloved hand-towel back to bed to fold double and put under me. Less than two hours after that, I woke from a doze to realise I was in a puddle, and the towel had soaked through, and there was blood on the sheets after all (luckily not much. Towel very good idea). Went to the bathroom, felt deeply pissed off, changed everything again, rinsed underwear, added tampon-size-of-hamster to security arrangements, went back to bed. Bleeding seems to have slowed right down since, thank fuckity, because it was all going a tad Carrie.

Could three days of low-dose aspirin do that, do you think?

I think I need to go and lie down again. My tea-break’s clearly over.*

*[Man dies and finds himself in Hell. Satan, feeling benevolent, tells him he can chose which pit to be punished in. In the first, which is two-foot-deep in water, people are standing on their heads, perpetually drowning. In the second, again the sinners are forced to stand on their heads in two feet of wee. In the third, however, though it is two-foot-deep in cow-shit, everyone is standing upright and drinking tea. ‘I’ll choose this one!’ says our chap, delighted. However, just as he scrambles in, the devil in charge shouts ‘alright, scum, tea-break’s over! Back on your heads!’].


13 responses to “Unfortunate interlude

  • twangy

    It is a sad reflection on things that this is a relatively good one, but there you go. Relatively is the operative word for any degree of improvement has to be good. Recover speedily. Keep taking the painkillers, eh?

  • a

    I’ve often wondered how you manage to get through these episodes without transfusions…

    As to your tea break, one of our supervisors at work ends most conversations (idle or otherwise) with “OK, back on your heads!”

  • Wombattwo

    Dear May’s Uterus,

    My dear, this simply will NOT do! You must stop trying to exsanguinate your host at once. It is a very bad idea. And while you’re at it, enough with the cramping. May had enough of the cramping, oh about 22 years ago*. She has still had enough. We have all had enough of watching her suffer like this, because we care about our May.
    And while we’re on the subject of The List Of Things For May’s Uterus To Do, babies are good. May and H’s would be adorable. Please look after one of them for 9 months.

    Kind regards,


    *rough estimate there…

  • Anonymous

    Hey there

    I am not professionally qualified but it was always a bit of a rule among women in my family that one never takes aspirin for period pain, as it causes a heavier flow… I could not tell whether low doses can still cause it and, in any case, I’m sure you’re taking aspirin for good reason.

    Very best wishes with everything.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Well, I suppose Coping is better than Not Coping, but I could wish better weeks for you than this one, my dear.

    Comparing notes: I use:
    Bum-hugger pants
    Super-plus tampon
    Night-time towel
    Folded bathtowel
    and the key ingredient…
    Hospital-issue disposable incontinence bedsheets. (Freely available from every gynae ward, so I half-inch a few every admission, although I omitted to stock up recently, and only have one left.) They are rustly and uncomfy, but they do save the sheet. (They also, however, take your dignity, but you tend to lose that after the first half-pint of menstrual flow in any case, in my experience.)
    These precautions get me through until around 3am, when bum-hugger sogginess dictates a change of however many layers are necessary, and a refill of pain killers.

    Back to bed with you sweetheart. Tea & cuddles, lots of.

  • kylie

    It may be the asprin- I noticed that after I started taking low dose asprin the flow became flowier. And when I say “noticed”, I mean freaked out by the sudden night time overflows.

    And then the low dose asprin- didn’t reduce the clotting factor by much- I still had a high enough number to be sent off to the ER with a suspected blood clot in lungs. (it wasn’t)

    On the heat side- I ran across a wheat pack place that makes waist ones- with the velcro to hold it in place- some of those might be a good idea

  • Womb For Improvement

    Jesus, and you say you don’t have anemia? How about if they did the test this morning? Have some liver for tea!

  • g

    I have worked in the delightfully named mestrual management clinic at my local gynaecological hospital just often enough to have met women who resort to those giant adult nappies hospitals use for demented ninety year olds.

    Periods have a lot to answer for.


  • g

    Please insert errant ‘n’ into menstrual and any other missing bits into the rest of my reply. I appear to have sticky keys. Eating and typing don’t mix.


  • Korechronicles

    It’s a tough time when your period only brings appetite suppressing nausea and the Red Sea to your sleeping arrangements. And it is good by comparison with other recent episodes.

    Hope you are rugged up and comfy somewhere and you have someone lovely acting as Tea Boy.

  • bionicbrooklynite

    if you’re not anemic, they ought to study you for the greater scientific good. lord have mercy.

    no, seriously, lord. have mercy. now-ish.

  • manapan

    The aspirin might have something to do with it, actually. I’ve always found that if I take aspirin or ibuprofen for cramps I feel somewhat better while the drug is in effect, but it’s followed by massive cramping and much greater blood loss once it wears off. I have no idea why it works that way, I just know that if I end up taking anything other than acetaminophen I’d better have a giant tampon and an overnight pad in place.

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