A day late and a dollar short

This morning’s Tesco peestick also said no. It continued saying no even when H also glared at it, and then we left it on the window-sill for 20 minutes, and then glared at it again. Nope.

So I went to work. With tampons, sanitary towels, pain-killers etc. all stuffed into my handbag. Which was wise, as I started spotting and feeling crampy by lunch-time.

Full-on bleedathon tomorrow, then.

I do feel I’ve rather let the side down by not being at all pregnant after all, what with the excitement last night. Sorry.

[Pause, while I run outside, shake my fists at the sky, and scream every single swear-word I know in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Yiddish.]

You know, I didn’t actually feel pregnant, as such. Previous times I have been, however briefly, knocked up, I did sort of know I was pregnant. Not in a ‘this symptom, I put my finger on it’ way. More in a ‘mystic interconnectedness with my uterus yada yada’ way. Anyway, whatever it is, I didn’t feel it.

However, I do (did! Still do!) feel very much startled by the fact my period is only just heralding its imminence 14 dpo. This is, ladies and gentlemen (any gentlemen? Yes? Well done you), a normal luteal phase. A healthy one. A good strong ovulation with a probably-not-crapped-up egg.

So, if I can actually ovulate healthily (wheeeeee!) and H and I are having VAST quantities of well-timed sex (and we are) and H’s semen analyses have been normal and good, well, then. I should be able to get pregnant, unless the One-and-Only Fallopian Tube is blocked, or stuck fast and unable to reach my ovary, or Satsuma is laminated with scar tissue, or other endo/fibroidy/adenomysosis-related horrors. Roll on surgery. I have an initial weigh-and-check-list appointment next week, with surgery to follow anything between a month and three months afterwards. And then we wait.

[Paces, fretfully.]

I’m allowed to keep trying to get pregnant while I wait for surgery. I’m just utterly banned from trying the month I do have surgery, obviously. So I can vary the fretful pacing with *cough* taking my mind of things *cough*.

Meanwhile, I am a tad ouchy, so I am off to get shit-faced on painkillers and watch the Great British Bake-Off. Thanks for all the support, Gentle Readers. I’m sorry it was all a bit of a non-event.


15 responses to “A day late and a dollar short

  • Chickenpig

    I sorry it was a non event, but Yeah for good ovulation!!!! I have heard, and this may be a bit of a medical urban legend, that if one of your ovaries and/or tubes is garbage your starts to compensate by shooting double or more out of the good one?

    • May

      I’ve only got one tube and one ovary. And, yes, the one ovary is definitely doing double-duty, as she now ovulates every single month, bless her (touch wood).

  • Womb For Improvement

    Having been catching up on the last few days, and not allowing myself to peek forward, I have just gone through the gamut of emotions. A pale imitation of what you’ve been through. Take care.

  • Carole

    Feck. I’m so sorry this wasn’t it. But a 14 day Luteal? That’s a definite Wheeeeee!

  • Korechronicles

    Ah May , sorry for another disappointment even with the positive behaviour from Satsuma on the normal luteal phase front. Clearly the haranguing from the sidelines is having an effect on her previous skiving.

    ‘Taking your mind off things’ with the relevant positive outcome sounds to me like a brilliant way to avoid the vanilla pod scenario.

    Onward and upward.

  • Illanare

    Well, frack. Sorry, May.

  • Betty M

    Liking the new classic 14dpo luteal phase just like in the text books. I feel this must bode well. Sorry tho that the tantalising suggestion from yesterday has not come to pass.

    I think the floppy haired baker boy should have been turfed out. Those tarts were a disgrace.

  • MFA Mama

    Three cheers for a normal luteal phase, and don’t you DARE apologize to US, lady. You don’t owe anyone any apologies for your innards. xox

  • a

    Looks like the Positive Thinking Fairy wins this month! Congratulations on your great luteal phase? Is that something you should congratulate others on? Hope you’re suitably shit-faced and remain so until the old uterus decides not to harass you any more.

  • Solnushka

    Well carp and more sweary words in Russian to add to your collection.

    But 14 days? Good! Think of this as the dress rehearsal.

  • twangy

    Ah. I am sorry. Though the 14 day phase is hopeful. Hope the pain relief is efficient, and the whole thing is quick. Let us know.

    (Carp is a swear word in Russian? Cool! Okay, so Solnushka might have mistyped crap, I do that, but, too late, I have embraced carp now. Carp! Carp!)

    • Solnushka

      (Ah. No. Carp is not a Russian swear word. I hang out Elsewhere on the net where swearing is frowned on and so carp is now a habit. It is good though, isn’t it? Yopt is a Russian swear word. Also hooey. If you say them in front of a Russian I will pretend not to know you).

  • Wombattwo

    Harrumph. Stupid universe!
    Hugs to you, May, and take lots of painkillers. Don’t forget the anti-emetics.
    Also some whisky?

  • Amy P

    This is eerie. Our periods have started on the same day the last few months (well, I don’t know about last month, as I didn’t have any way to read your blog when the last one started, and I don’t keep track, other than noting that you started and I’m either just starting bleeding or start a few hours later, but still). How the ~bleep~ have we managed to synchronize over an ocean and a continent?!

    Here’s to hoping other reproductive things line up between us, in some weird way. (Not two-way. You coming my direction only. Please, please, PLEASE.)

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