Radio silence at critical moments

Item – H and I are now going away for a long weekend. I’ll be back on Monday night. I’ve been looking forward to this. B&B! Someone else cooking me breakfast! Trees! Hills! (Rain! Mud! Ohh, hush).

Item – My period is due on Monday. And this cycle, I have refused to play symptom-watch. You can’t make me. I’m not listening I’m not listening la la la. So Monday, Day of Reckoning, into which I Sail Blind. Excellent. Am taking every drug and sanitary protection product I possess.

Item – The therapist I so plaintively emailed on Monday night has not got back to me. OK, so she may be on holiday herself, but otherwise, by and large, fuck that, and I try the next person on the shortlist. I still want to give therapy a go. I still feel miserable as shit, you see. (Seriously. It’s Thursday. I emailed on MONDAY. She has PARAGRAPHS about swift responses to emails and phonecalls on her website. I snort thereat, I snort with sarcasm).

Item – H is nagging me because I haven’t packed yet. Excuse me. I must just go and bite his head off.


7 responses to “Radio silence at critical moments

  • Solnushka

    Have a good time, you and H. *hugs*

    *rolls eyes at the therapist* You do know we’ll nag you until you contact the next one, don’t you? *stern look*

  • a

    That therapist is not starting off well. However, if she does answer back, will you make an appointment or tell her to…how do you all so politely put it?…bugger off? I always want to do the latter, but end up doing the former.

    Enjoy your weekend away!

  • Korechronicles

    Enjoy your weekend – give it everything you’ve got until reality finally rears its ugly head. And I’m hoping like hell said reality will keep a quiet and respectful distance. As it should.

    And if you need any help with the Tardy Therapist – Will I or Won’t I dilemma then I’m your girl. No patience whatsoever – with waiting or bad business practice. So….NEXT!


  • twangy

    Totally agreement on the DELIGHT of a B&B breakfast.Toast and coffee! Oh happy days!
    Wring every moment of fun out of it, because although you are miserable, you are also mighty, and can do both. Confusing, I know, but I am just going to hope you know what I am on about.

    I’m annoyed with the therapist now. I hope she doesn’t end up on my Infuriated With list.

  • Wombattwo

    Hope you have a fabulous time away (yay, breakfasts! hills! trees! countryside!).

    I think that if the therapist hasn’t replied, probably best to try another. It’s not exactly the most auspicious start to the therapeutic relationship, is it? Also, do give therapy a go. It really is your decision, no matter what everyone says, and like with the other decisions you’ve made, it sounds like you’ve weighed your options carefully, and come to the right decision for you.

    Lots of hugs

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    I have been thinking enviously of your B&B-ing this weekend, whenever the weather was sunny and the air was crisp and clear. Hope you have had a lovely time!

    I snort also, and feel the next counsellor on the list may be the bunny. And, of course, the offer of accommodation whilst you sail up here to utilise mine still stands! Not terribly mileage-efficient, but cathartic for you and lots of fun for me!

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