Oh. OK.

The nurse, as booked, called me this morning while I was standing at a bus-stop in the centre of London. Cue mandatory farcical NHS experience of shouting ‘blood! BLOOD!’ into my mobile while startled commuters gave me a wide berth.

And, do you know, my iron levels and haemoglobin were both… Normal.

Normal. Not in the least bit anaemic.


So what in effers is going on?

Theory 1 – a vitamin deficiency. I think someone mentioned it. Well, I take a supplement with all the vitamin Bs and vitamin D, I eat eggs and fish every week, yada yada, so I don’t think it can be that. Though, admittedly, I live in Britain, this has been one of the dankest summers we’ve had in a long while, and whenever the sun does come out I whack on a pint of factor 25 because I am a) palid and b) covered in moles and freckles (over 100. Yes indeedy. I am constellated). How much vitamin D do you need to take if you live under a rock?

Theory 2 – This is some kind of inflammatory reaction thing to the adenomyosis/endometriosis. Basically, Dr Google tells me, having your insides almost permanently irritated with pooled blood (oh, ick) leads to your body assuming you are ill, after all, bits of you are inflamed, that’s ill, isn’t it? So your immune system gears up, grumbling, and you feel permanently like you have mild flu. This is a common problem for Women With Exploded Insides, I gather. Anyway, surgery in offing, yada-yada.

Theory 3 – It’s psychological. I’m bloody depressed. I have been for ages. You all know this. So I stopped dithering about like a chicken in four-lane traffic and contacted a therapist. This’d be more of a bing! if the therapist had replied to my email yet, so I don’t as yet know if I have a therapist or need to try some more emailage and nail-chewing. But I’m trying to do something about the depression. Something more than alternating apathy with weepy grouchiness.


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  • BigP's Heather

    I’m pretty sure you can take quite a large dose of Vitamin D. I’ve read people taking 50000 mg once a week or up to 1000 mg a day – I wouldn’t do that unless on a doctor’s order…but a couple hundred mg a day – even a supplement for 100 mg a day shouldn’t hurt. Although, I would still seek a medical professional’s opinion before trying it.

  • Carole

    Not sure there is a fixed amount – but you could try checking the vitamin bottles in Boots for the RDA, and then taking enough pills to meet that? Although strictly you should always check with the doc. Maybe the pharmacist would do at a push.

    Theory 2 makes sense to me. Roll on the surgeon!

  • MFA Mama

    Vitamin D! I take 3-5,000 IU daily (when I remember…it’s been a while…perhaps this is why I feel like shite, hmm, will take some now). I had my levels done and they came back Far Too Low, which makes sense as I avoid the sun whenever possible due to general pallor and family history of skin cancer. I find that I feel MUCH better, both energy-wise and mentally, when I take the stuff. Much less anxious and dour. At any rate it certainly can’t HURT, and it’s cheap, so I say give it a shot!

  • Melissia

    Also palid, and am currently on 5000 units per day as my doctor ordered. My level is finally up to 30, the highest it has been since I was tested a year ago. It started at 18 and did not really go up much at 1000 units or at 2000. The normal range in the US is 30 to 100 so I still have a ways to go. I did notice that my energy level went up and my overall aches and pains decreased as my vitamin D levels went past the mid twenties.

  • a

    Yes, if you are deficient in Vitamin D, you have to load the system to regain a normal level. Also, there are often B vitamin deficiencies that make you feel sluggish. Can you request that kind of testing from your handy GP?

    Regardless, it seems like a therapist would be a good idea, because as helpful as we are, the internet does not always know best. 🙂 Plus, you get to pick and choose what you expose, which is harder when you’re face to face with someone.

  • valery valentina

    Restless legs psychological? Interesting Theory. But with everything that is happening I wouldn’t be too surprised. Emailing a therapist counts as a step in my book. A Step Forward.

  • twangy

    Huh? What in effers, indeed?

    Ping of recognition though, at the chronic flu-ish symptoms of endo. I do remember feeling vaguely sick for ages, and other times, just generally off, for no reason. And since the lap, not anymore. MUCH better.

    For what it’s worth. Also, good on you for the therapist plan, I admire that resolve.

  • Wombattwo

    I don’t suppose they told you what the MCV was? (Mean Corpuscular Volume)

  • Jem

    Hey, the therapist can’t hurt!

    I recommend having your vitamin D level tested and then getting an Rx for the mega dose (50,000 IU’s weekly for a month), supplemented by at least 1,000 IU’s daily of a good quality D3. I don’t know if they ship to the UK, but here’s a link to the brand I use (http://www.jjvirgin.com/store/index.php?did=6274180). Use the code “client” for a 10% cost reduction.

  • minichessemouse

    I would get advice from your GP or Pharmacist about vitamins. Also you need vitamin C in your system in order to absorb Iron.

    Also I am a pale Scottish person who has a habit of hiding indoors or being covered in sunscreen and my vitamin D levels have never been low. It may still be worth getting checked though.

    Many hugs.

  • Laurel

    After my vitamin D levels tested as on the low side, my GP prescribed 1000 mg/day. I am pale and live in northern New England. But after reading that you can’t really take too much vitamin D–and something other reason, I can’t remember why now–, I bumped it up to 3000 and felt that I felt a difference, in a good way. But after my mother mentioned the general findings of this article to me (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/30/health/30vitamin.html) I scaled it back and now “just” take 1000.

    Basically, 500-1000 IU/day may be merited, but anything else is overkill.

    I actually never read that article itself until now; makes me want to go back and find what my actual blood levels were.

    However, your possibilities other than vitamin deficiencies sound worth exploring. Certainly, regardless of the physical stuff, the therapist is a Good Thing.

  • Korechronicles

    Inordinately pleased about the therapist. Will be even more so when things improve.

    Having lived through, or perhaps I should say, having survived the adeno I’m betting on 2. Suckage to the power of the universe.

  • Betty M

    I’m going for 2 on the basis that that is nearest to my own experience. (what? this isn’t about me?!) My endo gives me the run around on achey bits nowhere near the scene of the crime during my period. Legs, buttocks, general malaise. The weather isn’t helping either the low pressure is making me sick and headachy too. Joyous.

    I’m a bit dubious about therapists (on the basis of no evidence at all as I have never even met one in a professional capacity) but more power to you if they assist.

  • Betty M

    Personally I think sunlight is a good thing even if you are in a floppy hat, drenched in factor 30 on a sun lounger under a big umbrella in a lovely place by the sea. I prescribe the Amalfi Coast for you and H. On the nhs preferably.

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