Brace yourselves, we’re going in

I am taking a break from answering questions – I know there are still some to ‘do’, panic not – to talk about yesterday’s appointment with Miss Consultant the Gynaecologist.

It dawns on me that I’ve been ‘seeing’ Miss Consultant for four and a half years now. No wonder she’s so chatty these days. We’re practically old friends.

Anyhow, I went in there utterly determined to get her to take the goddamn Periods From Satan’s Seventh Circle seriously. I am very worried that I have full-blown endometriosis now, as I have whinged before on this very blog, and it has got to the point where I don’t care what it is, it needs to be stopped if at all possible. And so I said, with detailed descriptions of the Pee Fail and the diarrhoea and the weeks of cramps and the throwing up.

She was very pleased I was getting said periods so regularly, though. Well, so am I, in principle. Principle has met Practice in combat and has retired weeping from the field, alas.

Miss Consultant obligingly went back over my notes, remarking as she did that there were rather a lot of them now (ho, yus!), and checked what exactly was done and found four years ago. Adhesions on the left side from the surgery 14 years before that that had removed my left ovary and fallopian tube, and a few small adhesions near the right ovary (our valiant if ornery Satsuma). No endometriosis then. She even had pictures. However, my latest ultrasound did indicate fibroids and ‘was indicative of adenomyosis’, according to the notes. Also, my poor godforsaken uterus is ‘bulky’. Charming. However, Miss Consultant did point out that endometriosis can develop at any time and we don’t really know exactly how it starts, and it is associated with adenomyosis, so it could very well be present now. She agreed that my symptoms were worrying, and that endometriosis made it harder for a woman to get pregnant even if it wasn’t actively blocking tubes or scarring ovaries.

I nodded vigorously at this. I haven’t been pregnant since February. Which is – ha ha – not like me.

We drifted briefly back past the subject of IVF. Miss Consultant is glad I’m ovulating regularly [you’ve said that bit – Ed], but would like me to lose more weight so I can do IVF if I need to. I’m ‘nearly there!’, as she said encouragingly. I am grumpily aware that I was (just) of correct body mass two weeks ago, and spending a long weekend eating crème brûlée has a disproportionately unfavourable effect on my relationship with the scales, also I get bloaty when I ovulate. Shut up, I totally do.

We then returned to the subject of The Pain, missing six days of work at a time, etc. Miss Consultant then said, bracingly, that it sounded as if I needed another laparoscopy, during which they’d be able to treat any endometriosis they found, and while I was at it, another hysteroscopy and dye-through-the-tubes test.

I hadn’t expected her to agree, you know. I thought I was going to have to make more of a fuss. And while I sat there gaping like a carp, she briskly started filling in the paperwork for my referral to the surgical unit and follow-up appointments.

The waiting list is four months. That’s Christmas arsed completely up again. I hate Christmas, you know.

Anyway, I think I ovulated the day before yesterday. Therefore I shall next be royally incapacitated on the 22nd of August. I am telling the internets this because H and I are going away for another long weekend that weekend. *Shakes fists at sky*


9 responses to “Brace yourselves, we’re going in

  • a

    Christmas with minimally invasive exploration sounds better than previous Christmases. Slightly. At least there will be drugs?

    That’s pretty impressive that you can vary your BMI just with creme brulee. Or unfortunate. I suspect my days of living on chocolate alone are doing more harm than I had previously considered.

  • thalia

    Sounds like a good appointment, as these appointments go. Wondering if there’s anything you can do to move up the list? And based on HFF experience, if you need to be careful they don’t ding you on the weight thing and make you wait until your BMI is lower to even do the op (bastards).

  • twangy

    Oh. My. Four months, though.
    Still, she was nice, so I didn’t have to incandesce with anger. Must be grateful for that. I’ll confine myself to shaking my fist at the sky too, on account of your jeopardised holiday plans.

  • Betty M

    An appt with a sympathetic doctor leading to a plan? That sounds pretty good. Even if it is 4 months away. I vaguely recall that they like doing these things at a certain point in the cycle. Is that still the case?

    I think though that you should start planning some fake holidays/ weekends away to bamboozle Satsuma!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Eeeeep. H’okay! My heart sank initially, but then I realised that was because I associated a surgery date with random ‘Do Not Get Pregnant Until Then’ instructions…. before I realised that, No, actually, that was just the instruction *I* gave to *myself*. This would be YOUR uterus. *shakes head*

    I smiled when I read that you really HAD been eating creme brulee (before?) after the vanilla-pod-imagery tweet!

    This sounds mightily odd, but I really hope you have a single chunky wodge of very obviously painful and easily-accessed endo. They can then zap it away and Make It All Stop Hurting. The hurting has to stop, and I’m glad Ms Consultant appreciates that. No-one needs cow-shit at that stage of their career.

  • Korechronicles

    I simply do not have the capacity for cow-shit delivery that HFF does but I can do a mean bucket of possum pellets! I’m so glad that neither of us will have to meet at Ms Consultant’s rooms for a co-ordinated delivery.

    The ‘bulky’ is a bit of a clue to the adenomyosis I fear. And the adeno also has to put its hand up as the reason for the fearsome pain. It was adding insult to injury at the time I was seeking relief. As if it was not bad enough that the rest of me was a bit bulky I had to be told my uterus was in similar condition. Harumph, I say!

    Wishing and hoping for things to change for the better. xx

  • Carole

    Well, no-one likes the prospect of being scraped out like a vanilla pod, but it does sound like cute ute has had it coming for a while. Just hoping that the waiting list gets a bit of a move on so it could be all done and dusted by Christmas. And maybe a good spring-clean will encourage Satsuma to re-double her efforts and get some top quality eggs on the boil….?

    Clearly ovulating at all IS a big plus, but I wish they would start taking some proper notice of the lateness of said ovulation. I’m still convinced that it was the main factor in my problems. Like you, I was always popping them out at about day 18/19 or even later and like you, I seemed to get to the pregnancy launch-pad considerably more often that one would think, given actual results. Then they hit me with the drugs and after the initial ” mutiny and general blow-up”, my ovaries fell into line and assumed text-book timing for the two normal cycles it took to hit the jackpot (Which they have maintained to this day, incidently, although it’s not worth them bothering anymore).

    However, first things first, and trying to do something about your extreme pain must be the starting point!

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