Bring it on

I’m so sorry. My bloggingness has gone missing. I’ve spent half the afternoon hunting for it down the back of the sofa and under the bed, and it’s just bloody gone.

Tell you what. Why don’t you, oh much loved and respected Gentle Readers, ask me questions? I pinky-swear I will answer them all in the post-after-next. Not only that, but I am allowing totally anonymous comments on this, so if you want to ask me something weird, fatuous, vulgar, embarrassing, or deeply inappropriate (I am the woman who talks about menstrual blood-clots. I dread to think what you could ask that’d be inappropriate), you can do so without fretting that I might email you back to ask ‘what in fuck were you thinking?’

Why the post-after-next? Because I am half-way through writing a post about boring things like anaemia, my GP, the cutest phlebotomist this side of the Thames, and What I Did On My Holidays, and I should like to press ‘publish’ sometime before everything I’ve written is rendered utterly irrelevant by the swift onward rush of time’s whirligigs. And most especially because the post after next will be my

666th post!

And what better way to mark such an eminent occasion than to celebrate the very people whose kind interest has encouraged me to post 666 times in the first place? I.e., you lot.

There. Are you game? I’m game.

[Caveat – I am not telling you my real name, H’s real name, or anyone else’s real name, and I do not promise to take all questions equally seriously. So there].


17 responses to “Bring it on

  • Wombattwo

    Totally not in the infertility spirit, but what’s the dish you cook that you’re most proud of?

    And what’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

    (all important information, obviously…)

  • a

    When I lived in Chicago (on my own, not with my parents), the first 3 numbers of my phone number were 666. Random fact for you.

    Hmmm…questions…what’s your favorite guilty pleasure? (i.e. bad movies, trashy novels, fancy coffee drinks, bad TV)

    When you’re getting ready to go out (every day to work or special occasion – you choose), what is the part of your routine that takes the longest?

    Do you have a favorite author or book, or do you love them all? Or has your job given you a distaste for books?

  • Valery Valentina

    Mhm, questions…. (please forgive me if I phrase this the wrong way, or if you think it is pure evil to even consider!) would an embryo of you and H possibly have a better chance in a Surrogate Ute than in Cute Ute? Is this allowed in your country? Is it financially impossible? Is it emotionally possible?

    I’m going to search old posts to see if there was a step mother story you alluded to but never got around to tell us. (or was the ‘that’s a story for another time’ stiff upper lip speak for “that is none of your business” ?)


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  • Korechronicles

    How’s the poetry going? I’m going on another long walk in 2013, want to join me? Do you play any musical instruments? Or sing? Or dance? And how annoying am I?

    If I send chocolate, will you forgive me?

  • Shannon

    Does it mean the question deal is off as there was a mathematical error which, I think, is completely due to the moon being in Aries and it being August and whatnot, as opposed to counting wrong. Just saying.

    If the deal is not off, I’d love to know: Favorite (no, there is no “u” in that) book, and Celebrity Most Likely To Be #1 in May’s Little Book of Hate? Totally inane questions, but ones which I am sure will delight the masses.

  • Betty M

    North, South, East or West London – spiritually/emotionally obviously as opposed to physically.

    Which newspaper do you read. And Daily Mail showbiz pages online don’t count.

    Indian or Thai food?

    Coke or Pepsi?

  • Cheerleader

    Oh dear, everyone is being all cute and funny in the manner Smash Hits interviewing Ah-Ha and I’m going to spoil the party.

    My husband, sister, sister-in-law, best man’s wife (not quite sure there’s a formal name for the relationship) and their two kids are all adopted. If you are being driven to think ‘hysterectomy’ by the ludicrously painful periods is adoption a possibility for you? NOT saying ‘just adopt!’ as I know it isn’t a growing bellyful of tiny H with your eyes and his laugh. I know that dealing with social services for several years will test your NHS stress tested patience beyond any limits Miss Consultant could cook up but I am curious if it is under consideration because my family is obviously a big fan and it is something I’d really like to do. Thank you for indulging my nosiness.

    • Shannon

      Hmmmm…I can’t help but feel this was an attempted threadjack. You may be a big fan, and it may be something you like to do, but May has her reasons for what she’s doing.

      Nothing wrong with a little A-Ha-type questioning. It’s light and cheerful, and maybe it’s what’s needed.

      • Cheerleader

        Oh dear. Sorry if I upset anyone – I was just curious.

        • May

          I think a lot of us infertiles are skinned-raw sensitive to The Adoption Issue. It’s constantly thrown at us as being not only the solution to our infertility, but also as somehow our moral duty to save all these kids etc. etc. (but somehow not the moral duty of fertile people, who apparantly are permitted to prefer their own genetics because it’s easy for them). Most people – not you, dear heart, obviously – do this with such breathtaking smugness and lack of compassion that it’s become yet another thing to hurt us with, like ‘maybe you aren’t supposed to be parents’ and ‘just relax’ and ‘children aren’t a right, you know’ and ‘well, it’s not like it was a REAL baby’. So. Yes. It’s a subject that makes some of us very twitchy indeed. Sorry about that. But it’s an interesting question and I will answer it.

  • manapan

    Okay, I may be a bit late on this, but I do have questions.

    First, are you okay? I hope you’re not caught up in the unrest!

    And second, a totally frivolous question, but I’ve wondered this for a really long time. How do you end your alphabet song? Obviously I’m American, so for me it goes “…double-you, ecks, why, and zee. Now I know my ABCs; next time won’t you sing with me?”. And of course there are different versions of the song in different areas. What’s your rhyme for zed? Or do you not need a silly song to remember your alphabet?

  • Mona

    My question is: If you could pick a super power, would you rather be able to fly or to be invisible? Would you use it to become a supervillain, or a superhero or neither?

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  • Amy P

    Darn, losing internet access (and, technically, still not having it without arranging away-time) lost me the chance to ask what it would take to induce a trip to see really really big trees, the Pacific Ocean, and a family that actually has no room to offer accomodation to anything much larger than a kitten (which is why the young boxer we were given sleeps in the truck…)

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