Caveat for the caveat


This is a public announcement on behalf of Satsuma, who is feeling rather, well, hurt, (and also very scared of HFF) and who has retired to her couch in my right ovarian fossa in high dudgeon.

She wishes it to be known that, actually, she jolly well did ovulate on Sunday night, which was, by the way, day 17 of this cycle, which is pretty damn fine considering she has to keep the whole show going single-handed, also, remember, she’s afflicted with PCOS, and yoked to that goddamn distorted bloater of a uterus, being melodramatic every month and stealing all the thunder. Actually. She thinks you’ll find.

She would also like to know why an ovary can’t have a little joke with her host human about basal body temperature and EWCM if she likes. It was only a little joke, and anyway, one cannot be totally au fait with progesterone production and oestrogen suppression less than 12 hours after producing the silly egg you all make such a silly fuss over anyway. So, yes, one can have ovulated and yet have a low temperature and high cervix for a short while longer. And it’s not like Satsuma hasn’t made the same silly joke before any number of times. Harrumph.

End of announcement from Satsuma.

We shall see.


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