I got nothing

H is busy networking. There are hints, there are irons in fires and what have you, colleagues-of-acquaintances-of-business-associates are saying nice things about him to each other. Good old H. He rocks.

Me, I am writing a poem about trees and chewing my nails down to the living quick. I do not rock.

Anyway. Enough about the Uncertain Future. It’ll carry on being Uncertain whether I fret myself into a cappuccino or not.

Meanwhile, innards! What are May’s innards doing? I don’t know. Ouching a lot. I am the Queen of Random Cramp. This could mean anything from ‘ovulation is imminent! Hump! Hump for England!’ to ‘come near me with that thing and I will explode in a puff of dust’.

I am trying not to feel hopeless and angry about getting pregnant. It’s not helping, it has been five months since my last teenytinyitsybitsystupidchemical pregnancy, this is in no way a big deal, I am not freaking out, what makes you think I’m freaking out?

And the news is stuffed with stories about IVF, and fertility, and miscarriage, at the moment. Complete with a trailing cast of commentating fucknuts, twatweasels, cretins, shits, heartless pigdogs, and clueless dribbling Pollyannas of every description and variety. Note to self: Do Not Read The Comments. Hell, Do Not Read The Stories. They’re usually written by arsehole jobsworths with no grasp of science at all. It’s too sodding depressing.

*Tears hair out, bangs head on desk*


14 responses to “I got nothing

  • minichessemouse

    *hugs May*

    I’m currently trying to figure out what the hell is up with my cycle. fun times.

    *hugs May again*

  • a

    Too bad they’re not shutting down the newspapers with the offensive stories. I got embroiled in the hacked voice mail scandal yesterday, and then I happened across a headline about a lottery for for IVF that said something about winning a baby (like they automatically follow or something). Craziness!

    I hope the uncertainty resolves itself so you can resume your usual worries… Oh wait, I hope your usual worries resolve themselves into something good, so you can devote all your energy to the uncertainty. There. That’s better.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    My read feeder is borked. I THOUGHT you were quiet. Many posts from May!

    H does indeed rock mightily, and I am confident the Future Workplace will be clamouring for him with the same enthusiasm that a surprising number of my peers are currently exhibiting towards Take That, albeit a little more decorously.

    This Swedish conference jobby… ehhh. Can bite me. I, also, have been reading the comments and wishing I could reach through the screen right into the interwebs and throttle enthusiastically. Or at least kick a little bottom.

  • illanare

    I made the mistake of reading an article and then the comments on one of the IVF stories in The Guardian. Anger and tears of rage ensued – helpful.
    Sending you hugs and Bourbon Creams, lovely May.

  • Anonymous

    There is a lot of annoyance around that is for sure but while there is a word like twatweasel the world is good. x

  • Jem

    “Hump! Hump for England!” had my coffee coming out my nose – involuntarily, mind you!

    so, happy humping. And stay away from the press.

  • bionicbrooklynite

    may, darling, i love you, but i must tell you that you are wrong, wrong, wrong. you’re not wrong about the wretched stories and the execrable comments; you’re not wrong to feel angry over not being pregnant; you’re not wrong that H rocks. you are, however, wrong about yourself. you ABSOLUTELY rock. make note of that, and don’t you forget it.


    • H

      Quite right too. Thanks, I couldn’t think how best to word it, but that’s great 🙂 are you listening May? X

      • Korechronicles

        And so say all of us! You rock more than the enormous red one in the middle of my country! With bells on!! And increasing numbers of exclamation marks!!!

        • Amy P

          And even more exclamation points!!!

          Though if I tell you off too much about putting yourself down, you’ll likely return the favor. All wonderfully worded, too, and I won’t even be able to argue with you. Eep.

  • Betty M

    Yup you definitely rock. Like Take That did – come on HFF you know you really wanted to go too surely.

    I’m liking the sound of irons and fires for H. Even if they don’t go anywhere immediately it is great to be told you are good at what you do.

    And ESHRE – this is when we need Thalia and her accurate reporting of the bits that might actually be useful rather than reports of 60 Dutch women some of whom had dodgy gums.

  • wombattwo

    Never read the comments. Except for here, that is. Those comments to which you refer are good for nothing except raising blood pressure if you happen to be feeling a bit hypotensive, and demonstrating the occasional stupidity of the human race.
    Here, we just want to tell you that you DO rock, muchly.
    Also, hugs. 5 months is rubbish and hard, especially on the top of the last (?) 6 years. I would change it for you if I could, darling May, you know that. but all I can do is to send hugs and that seems woefully inadequate.

  • katie

    I find the commenters, and sometimes the writers too, are fairly ignorant of the facts of life too – e.g. that men are necessary for conception too.

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