Busy busy lovely hurrah and scrub

Item – I have been quiet because I have been having a real live social life, like a normal human being*. We’ve had guests staying for several days, and yesterday I went out on the town, and damn well stayed out until after midnight, turning happily into a pumpkin, with my adorable friends (I saw lots of friends! All different ones from all over!). I am now feeling flatter than Norfolk.

Item – *Respectful pause while I look dejectedly at the empty chairs around my kitchen table*

Item – My MIL is coming to stay next weekend, and the grouting in our shower is disgusting. This must be remedied. The thought of having to spend an evening remedying it is not making me feel any less deflated.

Item – About the MIL coming to stay next weekend – it’ll be the last few days of the 2ww. I don’t know whether to be grateful for the almighty distraction or flustered at the thought of attempting a private fossicking for pee-sticks while MIL knocks on the bathroom door to ask if I want coffee (Yes, she does talk to people through the bathroom door while said people are trying to pee and/or defecate in peace. This is contrary to my deepest-held beliefs. I cannot converse and *cough* relax. You talk, I clench. Is uncomfortable. So, no talky while May is communing with Nature. No. Talky. Is why bathrooms have doors. With locks. Thank you).

Item – Because, yes, I ovulated on Wednesday the 11th. Satsuma has a very strange way of paying her respects. And so, inevitably, my period is due on my birthday.

Item – Of course, H and I had been Very Affectionate And Enthusiastic in the days beforehand.

Item – It’s OK, one of my friends made me a hug small enough to stuff into my bag and take home. All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.Hugs and stars

*If you knew my guests, this sentence would make you laugh until verily, your trousers exploded. Hi, guys! Love you!


17 responses to “Busy busy lovely hurrah and scrub

  • Betty M

    I seem to have missed a whole bunch of posts. Damn. Will go back at once. But before that lovely to have you sounding so cheerful. Yey to friends, food, wine and fun! (oh and can’t H do the grouting? My feminism is out of the window when it comes to DIY.)

    • May

      H can’t do the grouting because he will be Tidying The Kitchen. I’d sooner stick a tooth-pick under my thumb-nail than deal with the kitchen, so grouting it is.

  • BigP's Heather

    Life? Outside of the internets? Congrats!!!

    I say YAY for the distraction. I always Welcome distractions…but NOT the kind that talk through the bathroom door. If I wanted to talk to you, I wouldn’t be in here with the door shut!

  • Womb For Improvement

    I am absolutely with you on the no talking on the toilet thing. And people who use their phone. No fucking way.

    I hope that you have an amazing birthday present this year (one that continues past Christmas)

    • May

      I always flush, repeatedly, when I can hear someone in the loos using their phone. Can’t fart really loudly (PRIVATE sphincter, thank you) but would if I could.

      Thanks for the birthday present wishes. Ditto, you know, only ‘un’birthday present. Bank Holiday Suprise?

  • Aphra Behn

    >> Life? Outside of the internets? Congrats!!!

    Who said anything about “outside* the internets”? I am cackling evilly. Er. Wierdly. Being an internet wierdo, and all.

  • a

    I had to institute a “No Talking To Me In the Bathroom” policy at work. I cannot understand people who want to talk to me then. I’m also going to start locking the door in my own house, since it seems that whenever I go into the bathroom, everyone feels the need to follow me.

    Hurray for going out with friends and a real social life! Boo for grout cleaning…

  • wombattwo

    My mum always used to pee with the door wide open whilst having a conversation while I was growing up. It scarred me for life…

    • May

      I was well into my 20s before I managed to convince my mother and sisters that when I went upstairs for a tinkle, I really didn’t need company. No, I didn’t. A pause in the conversation would not destroy the fabric of space-time, for Pete’s sake.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    You DO NOT SPEAK to people on the bog. Golden, unbreakable, cast-in-letters-of-fire rule. Yes indeedy, asking one set of muscles to relax in a highly specific way whilst under direct social pressure… no. Just…. no.

    Shower mould is the most pernicious dirt going. I’m sure there are superbugs that are easier to shift than black grout mould; I’ve not been able to buy anything that simply sprays on and wipes off: it’s elbow-grease all the way, sadly.

    That is a wonderful little hug!

  • minichessemouse

    I recognise that hug. Glad you like it,

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