Panic over. I found my old tramadol* prescription, and there were many capsules left, and I took one before bed, and it worked quite well. Yay! And I managed to get a GP appointment for 9am this morning, and got more cocodamol (and, heck, why not? More diclofenac PR, even though I had enough left for this cycle and the next).

So now I have many many painkillers, and I feel quite comfortable, if a bit… detatched.

*I stopped using the tramadol after one cycle, because when I was sans diclofenac and being sick all the time, the stupid capsule would never dissolve in time for me to digest any of it before I threw it back up. The cocodamol tablets (disgustingly) start dissolving before you can even swallow them, so worked a little better.

PS – does tramadol cause insomnia? I was properly medicated last night, and not in much pain (a bit sore. Nothing awful), and I slept not so much as a wink until nearly four in the morning. It was an ARSE. The GP agreed tramadol may cause ‘sleep disturbances’, but seemed a bit non-plussed by the not-sleeping-at-all.

PPS – I’ll take insomnia in not much pain over being kept awake by screaming uterus any day.

PPPS – I am feeling very woolly in the brain. I couldn’t find the milk just now. The milk is in the fridge. I was looking in the cupboard where we keep the pasta.

6 responses to “Medicated

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Oh, thank God for adequate pain relief! Screaming uterus is a quite spectacularly shitty way to spend the day. Detached… wurl, it’s not great, but it’s an improvement, s’ppose.

    My mother always tried to get me to take cod liver oil capsles, forgetting that I once saw what happened to her when she took a capsule and washed it down with a scalding hot sip of tea. Instant dissolve in the mouth. Apparently: didn’t taste fabulous.

  • wombattwo

    Tramadol’s one of those drugs that causes lots of weird things, so not really surprised about the whole not-sleeping thing. Some people go completely doolally (?sp) on it, with hallucinations and psychoses. I remember one memorable patient, who, while under the influence of said drug, told me that every time I spoke, tarantulas and ants were streaming out of my mouth. That was disturbing, made me want to wash my mouth out rather well!
    Glad you’re medicated, but sad you need to be.

  • a

    Hurray for medication!

  • korechronicles

    Tramadol has me dropping off in mid sentence and going unconsious for indefinite period of time. Pain may well continue but I am somewhere else entirely. Glad it kept the Uterine Knives at bay but sorry it did not bring the sweet recovery of sleep.

  • minichessemouse

    I only tried tramadol a couple of times, the first time or two it gave me tactile hallucinations, then while I was on camp decided to up the ante and include visual hallucinations. I gave them the tramadol back and the co-codamol too.

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