I’ve just discovered I have exactly one-and-a-half doses of cocodamol left.

OK, that was bad planning.

I can probably get a GP’s appointment tomorrow, but it’s very unlikely I can get a morning appointment. So I may end up crawling into my afternoon appointment on my hands and knees. Which is just stupid and embarrassing. Must remember to write why I’m there down on a piece of paper while I’m still compos mentis.

That’ll look good, won’t it? Pea-green woman curled up in ball on floor handing up note saying ‘opiates please’?


6 responses to “Daaaaaamn

  • wombattwo

    I suppose if you are pea-green and curled up on the floor they are quite likely to give them to you… Not a fun way to spend your afternoon though.

  • Hairy farmer wifey

    Why not give them a bell first thing and ask for a repeat prescription? Or, explain to the receptionist that you’re in pain- opiates script should bear you out! – and ask for telephone appt. Maybe H could pick up script? Hate to think of you suffering at all, let alone slogging forth unnecessarily.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Gah, sodding iphone (I apologise for the namedrop) has eaten my laborious comment.

    Why not give the surgery a buzz, explain, and ask for a repeat prescription? Or chat to receptionist and ask for a phone appointment to request Heavy Duty Painkiller Repeats, which should be self-explanatory to them, instead of hauling ass down there, which seems a criminal shame. Maybe H could pick prescription up for you?

  • a

    Aaargh! And people just won’t refill painkillers over the phone for some reason. Best of luck – maybe your half dose will get you through to the afternoon?

  • Betty M

    Urrgh. If I wasn’t in a tent in a field in the middle of the countryside I would come over and leave my stash by mistake at your house.

  • korechronicles

    I love tramadol myself. Thanks to shoulder surgery, foot repair, shattered elbow joint and knee reconstruction by various residents of Villa Kore, we have managed to accumulate a very respectable stash. Just in case my endo should return, you understand.

    Sorry for the suckiness of it all. Sending hugs but the chocolate, I’m afraid, she is eaten. *Looks wildly around the room for guilty party*

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