Tantrum, Thwarted

To my mild surprise, there was a letter from The Professor’s clinic in the post-box on Wednesday morning. It contained an invoice for the thromboelastogram I’d had back in December. Odd, I thought. I’m sure we paid for this at the time. I showed the invoice to H, who said ‘But we paid for this at the time,’ and I said ‘That’s what I thought,’ and then H went off to check his credit-card statements and even found the receipts and yes, we did pay for it at the time. So H emailed the clinic.

I was feeling fairly mellow about this. Anyone can make a mistake. But I was also aware that there was a gigantic volcanic caldera of boiling vitriol bubbling happily away in easy reach, and if they did not reply promptly with abject grovelling, I would unleash it on them. This thought was oddly cheering. There is something wrong with me.

Today, they emailed back with abject grovelling. A mistake in their record-keeping. Of course we’d already paid that bill. Sorry, oops, etc.

Which is excellent. But what do I do with my volcanic caldera now?

Meanwhile, it’s 7dpo, and I am being tormented by nausea, heartburn, sore breasts, headache, yada yada yada. Oh, and a ferocious temper. I’m like an attack-hen set on peck.

I’m even considering peeing on sticks tomorrow morning.

No! No! This is madness!


15 responses to “Tantrum, Thwarted

  • Melissia

    Please don’t use the same type as HFF! I keep going to her site, reading, typing a reply, then erasing because it sounds so stupid. I do not know how you stand the stress. I do however, give you permission to yell at me if it will make you feel better. Type away, all caps, go ahead.

    • Hairy Farmer Family

      There is no such thing as stupid on my site! Not with me writing such drivel, anyhow!

      • Melissia

        HFF, very sweet of you to say!
        May, the offer still stands. All caps, it is very therapeutic. Not as much fun as dealing with a billing company for sure but you could pretend that I was newly married, 45 and got pregnant with boy/ girl twins on my honeymoon and was complaining because they were going to be born in December and that is a horrible time of year to have a birthday. Commence yelling.

  • MFA Mama

    Ohhhh dear, sounds like you’ve gone broody. Our bald Americauna hen has done that and sits like a tonsured monk with her feathers puffed out, then when you reach to budge her over and check for eggs it’s like that wee little dinosaur in Jurassic Park, you know, the one whose neck-frill snaps out and it’s all GAHHHHHHHHHH! Except you have lovely ringlets (provided you haven’t plucked them all out). So there’s that.

  • a

    There is nothing worse than getting all worked up about an issue only to have someone apologize for it. It’s crazy-making.

    No advice on the sticks of torture…

  • Solnushka

    Save the vitrol for the in laws (Umm. Don’t tell H I said that).

    Well, if it’s 8dpo…

  • wombattwo

    Too many tenterhooks! Aargh!
    If your temper is ferocious can I please point you in the direction of our buyers’ solicitors, who need telling in no uncertain terms that they are BEING UNREASONABLE!

  • Valery

    I’d be curious to know what lava does to pee sticks…. I bet they turn black and apologise for it.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    I have infected you with my Compulsive Peestick Disorder. So sorry!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    And still giggling over ‘attack-hen set on peck’!

  • Womb For Improvement

    Quick, get rid of the pent up rage! Write to Points of view, or the Telegraph about anything. Just get it out.

  • korechronicles

    Only managed to get access to a real keyboard in the last five minutes as I wanted to tell you that I am planning to use “attack-hen set on peck” at any possible opportunity. What do I need to do re copyright?

    And Pee Sticks are instruments of the Devil. Which, as an atheist, means you can go for your life.

  • thalia

    The earliest implantation can happen is day 6. So any symptoms on day 6 or earlier are NOT REAL and you need to tell them so so they will bog off and leave you alone.

    Similarly, any line on a peestick before day 9 is NOT REAL and will drive you crazy. cf the HFF experience.

  • Valery

    (secretly checking for updates) I can’t be the only one who survived the weekend….

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