Definitely lacking in gruntle

Item – 6dpo. Every nerve in my body is shrilling ‘pee on something! Pee! Pee!’. And when I ask them, for the love of God, why? It’s only 6dpo, they all look sheepish. And start clamouring for carbohydrates in obscene quantities.

Item – I have several days off work over the Easter weekend. Wheeeee! And so does H. Double wheeeeee! Only, my period is due on that Thursday, meaning I shall spend the first two days of said holiday Being Delicate. Arse. Or, if I’m really lucky, I’ll be pregnant, so I’ll be spending the last two days of it Being Hideously Distressed. (Oh, come on. Of course I’m being bleak. The odds, they are against me).

Item – We’re spending this weekend with the in-laws. Yes. The in-laws I am feeling all harrumphy about (see previous post). Big family do – I shall be wearing a blouse instead of a tee-shirt and everything – so I shall be keeping my harrumphery to myself. As ever. I vented irritably all over H last night instead. Poor H.

Item – H is anxsty. You know, I think he’s taking the whole ‘and every holiday must be ruined!’ thing quite seriously. Perhaps I should stop joking about it. Perhaps I should stop snarling at him because I’m peeved with his family for being dillweedy avoiders about the fact their only daughter-in-law is a habitual aborter.

Item – H and I are spending a daft amount of time telling each other that we’re getting back on the diet wagon, oh yes, let’s shift this squidge, let’s look svelte as dolphins by the summer wedding season. And then we order pizza. Must do better.

Item – But enough of my vapouring. Go hug HFF.


11 responses to “Definitely lacking in gruntle

  • Betty M

    Hoping very much that this weekend brings less dillweedery than anticipated and that next is all good and no more hols are ruined. Leaving you now to go check on HFF.

  • korechronicles

    Also hoping for an untainted holiday to remain in your calendar. And that the dillweedery is bearable and you are not forced to resort to violence over the weekend.

    Going to give HFF another hug.

  • a

    Once you get in to the idea that all holidays are crap, it’s a fine self-fulfilling prophecy (even without the added bonus of worrying about your painful periods or impending miscarriage). Sigh…I’ve been dreading holidays for the last 25 years.

    But, the thing that I have learned is that if you stop having expectations about how things/people are supposed to behave, you will be much better off. Enjoy your weekend anyway.

  • wombattwo

    I hate the term “habitual aborter”. I know it’s the medical term, but it just sounds so horrible.
    Very much hoping that Easter is delightful for you.

    • May

      I hate it too. So I use it at times of bitterest irony. Why the hey did the medical profession come up with THAT as a descriptor anyway? Grr.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    *waves appreciatively*

    Am also determined the shift the squidge. I aspire to Dolphine, but will make do with a sleek killer whale. Am already half-way home on the tonnage.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Not sure where that extra E on Dolphin came from!

  • Solnushka

    I am tempted to recommend that you spend most of the weekend talking about your fears about the upcoming holidays, regardless of any intimations of discomfort. They are probably paralysed by not wanting to say the wrong thing, although a) as someone said earlier, why ‘I’m sorry’ isn’t a start and b) why you have to make the effort I don;t know, but at least it might Get The Point Across. Still, p’raps not.

    *hug* for you sailing into the breach again.

  • Womb For Improvement

    Foewarned is forearmed? What day do you normally (and I hate that this is a normally thing) get a positive?

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